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Articles tagged “friday frivolity”


A look inside 15 writers' bedrooms.

Books that PREDICTED THE FUTURE, in case you were in any doubt that books were magical.

Here’s a topless bookclub.

Vonnegut books to read before making any major life decisions.

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90s book titles that should actually exist.

The periodic table of storytelling.

You are what you read: bookshelves of famous people, visualised.

99 book-nerd problems.

25 books every writer should read.

She cried out of her eyes.

thursdaytriviality (or, when #fridayfrivolity is rescheduled due to public holidays)

Iconic fictional meals recreated in photographs.

To remind you never to skip the prelims: 17 incredible book epigraphs.

Page 57: The cholera epidemic reaches you anyway, while you are in the middle of dying in childbirth.

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Feminist writers react to classic viral YouTube videos.

Books that inspired punk.

Do you want to be a writer? Now you can! Play the free online game ‘How to Be a Writer’.

16 classic children’s books retold for adults.

13 literary power couples.


True Detective, if it were a series of Hardy Boys books.

I saw the best minds of my generation
Destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked
See me and hope I’m intoxicated or slightly faded
18 famous literary first lines perfectly paired with rap lyrics.

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Literary fiction inappropriately reimagined as children’s books.

Controversial: 5 movies that are better than the books they’re based on.

Even more controversial: the 10 best sentences in literature.

A list of every book mentioned on Gilmore Girls.

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Darwin’s children drew all over the manuscript of On the Origin of Species. Kids!

12 books that end mid-sentence.

Miller and Monroe, Collins and Brando: the writers who fell for film stars.

10 fictional characters who might be psychopaths (and why we’re drawn to them).


These tiny book dioramas are adorable.

The world’s most beautiful books, made by a ‘book architect’.

Very cool: famous authors dress up as their favourite characters from children’s literature.

‘Let books make your world bigger’: 5 reading rules for book lovers of all ages.

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Mean rejection letters and pictures of domestic animals.

9 unsettling meals in literature.

From Gertrude Stein to Andy Warhol: dramatic readings of famous rejection letters.

Can you tell the difference between a human writer and a robot?

The 10 funkiest novels for music lovers.


A visual A–Z of book covers.

The ‘Trapped in the Closet’ writers' residency, the ‘Crate of a Large Sheepdog’ writers' residency and other possible writers' residencies.

Quiz: Which book came first?

My Grandfather’s Library: a tumblr for book lovers.


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