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Reflections on War
Reflections on War

The centenary of Gallipoli is a unique opportunity to reflect on war and the ways it has shaped the modern world.


Launched this week Griffith Review 48: Enduring Legacies draws together distinguished soldiers, military historians, academics and popular writers—including John Clarke, Tim Rowse, Jenny Hocking, Peter Cochrane and Clare Wright—to examine the far-reaching legacies of the wars of the twentieth century, providing new insights, graphic portraits and fresh analysis of their consequences. It moves beyond the celebration and commemoration of the Anzac legend to reflect on the enduring human, political, economic and military costs of war.

What Do You Do at an International Book Fair?
What Do You Do at an International Book Fair?

Alice Cottrell, Text’s Rights Administrator, describes the excitement of  attending two international book fairs for the first time.


Walking into a book fair is like seeing the entire publishing industry in physical form. Thousands of publishers from around the world come together to buy and sell book rights.


This year I attended the Bologna Book Fair and, shortly afterwards, the London Book Fair. The thirty-hour journey from Australia to Europe meant that for the first couple of days I was amped up on coffee, sugar and adrenaline. At the fairs, during a frenetic whirl of meetings, dinners and drinks, I pitched our titles to English language publishers in other territories, translation publishers, audio publishers and film producers. My goal at all book fairs is to take the work of our authors to as large an audience as possible.

Mary Norris, Comma Queen, Charms the Language Lovers
Mary Norris, Comma Queen, Charms the Language Lovers

If you love words you'll love Mary Norris’s Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen, the most irreverent and enjoyable book on language since Eats, Shoots & Leaves.


Mary Norris has spent more than three decades guarding the New Yorker’s grand traditions of grammar and usage. Now she brings her vast experience and sharpened pencil to help the rest of us, in a delightful language book as full of life as it is of practical advice.


Between You & Me’s exacting detail and wonderful humour is charming readers in the US—it debuted at number fourteen on the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list this weekend—and it hits Australian bookshops on Wednesday.

Books v Flowers: Your Guide to Mother’s Day
Books v Flowers: Your Guide to Mother’s Day

What will you get your mum this Mother’s Day? Books,


Find out what Texters are getting their mums this year.

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