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A Q&A with Sonja Dechian, Author of An Astronaut’s Life
A Q&A with Sonja Dechian, Author of An Astronaut’s Life

Sonja Dechian is a writer, editor, and radio and TV producer. She has co-edited two collections of stories about the Australian refugee experience, Dark Dreams and No Place Like Home.  

Her beautiful and moving debut collection, An Astronaut’s Life, is released today. She spoke to us about her inspiration and the merging of the mundane and the fantastical in her work.

Don’t Miss Author and Publisher Jonathan Galassi in Australia
Don’t Miss Author and Publisher Jonathan Galassi in Australia

In a few short weeks publishing legend Jonathan Galassi will be visiting our shores to promote his wonderful debut novel, Muse.  

Galassi is president and publisher of Farrar, Straus and Giroux and, as a guest of this year’s Melbourne and Brisbane Writers Festivals, will be talking about the publishing scene in New York City, editing Jonathan Franzen, working in translation and, of course, his delightful debut novel, Muse.


Muse is a charming and romantic look at publishing from the inside. It’s sexy, funny and smart, and it’s about books—what more could you ask for!

The Ten Best Novels for When You Have A Cold
The Ten Best Novels for When You Have A Cold

Have you got the winter blues? Cold, tired, achy, bored, depressed?


Rifling through this wonderful collection will make you feel better, even before you start reading a prescribed list of ‘medication’.


The Novel Cure is a medical handbook for booklovers containing an extensive list of literary remedies drawn from the best writing of the last two thousand years. Carefully curated selections offer cures for everything from a broken heart to a broken leg. Life’s bigger challenges, such as losing a parent or becoming a single father, are in here too.

Translating the 2014 Nobel Prize Winner Patrick Modiano
Translating the 2014 Nobel Prize Winner Patrick Modiano

Translator and senior editor Penny Hueston introduces the ‘haunting, sometimes hallucinatory tones’ of 2014 Nobel Prize winner, Patrick Modiano, and his forthcoming books Paris Nocturne and Little Jewel.


I kept the texture of old photographs by Brassai and Doisneau in mind while translating. Modiano’s writing is about sadness, about the recognition of his own inability to relinquish a quest for truths about the past—a troubled past that will never fade, but which he will never completely grasp and in which he will always be somehow trapped.