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Safety Not Guaranteed: Great Armchair Travels
Safety Not Guaranteed: Great Armchair Travels

Are holidays a while away? We know how you feel.


We like holidays as well. But since they’re few and far between, we’ve made up new ways to get out of the country.


Whether it’s riding the high seas with the US Navy, charging off to Thailand for a Full Moon Party or putting your feet up by an azure Mediterranean sea, there are few experiences you can’t have through the pages of a book.

What Does It Mean to Become a Man?
What Does It Mean to Become a Man?

In Day Boy Trent Jamieson reimagines the elements of the vampire myth in a wholly original way.


This is beautifully written and surprisingly tender novel about fathers and sons, and what it may mean to become a man. Or to remain one.

Burn: The Rephaim Book 4, #1 on the iBooks YA Bestseller List!
Burn: The Rephaim Book 4, #1 on the iBooks YA Bestseller List!

Love. Nightmares. Angels. War.


Burn, the long-awaited finale to Paula Weston’s paranormal Rephaim series, hit the shops last week and went straight to number one on the iBooks bestselling young-adult list. 


‘What do you remember?’ Jude keeps his voice low, doesn’t move closer. I press my lips together. Memory after memory rises up like a wave, crashes down. Replaced by another; they just keep coming.


Gaby is back. And, suddenly, she remembers everything.

School’s Out—Brave, Smart and Adventurous Holiday Reading for Kids
School’s Out—Brave, Smart and Adventurous Holiday Reading for Kids

‘We don’t need no education...’


I’d like to think that Roger Waters would think twice about his gloomy 1979 proclamation today.


But while we are full of admiration for the teachers, librarians, teacher-librarians, principals, department heads, subject coordinators, admin staff, teacher organisations and curriculum bodies for all the excellent and tireless work they do, there is something deliciously anti-authoritarian about Pink Floyd’s iconic anthem.


And because school’s out, here are our book recommendations for children and young adults to dive into this school holidays, featuring the kind of protagonist Text loves best: questioning, brave, smart and adventurous, reaching out to the rebel in all of us.