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Basket of Deplorables

Basket of Deplorables

Tom Rachman

  • awardLonglisted, ABDA Best Designed Literary Fiction Cover: Josh Durham, Design by Committee, 2018
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    Almost true stories for a post-truth world.

    A Manhattan party on election night. Liberal media types gather with big grins and high-end canapés to watch the Trump-Clinton results come in, expecting a smooth victory for Hillary. As the outcome shifts and they descend into panic, the host stands abruptly before her guests, confessing a shocking crime of years before.

    What follows is a series of witty, cutting, addictive tales of Trump times, portraying Democrats and Republicans in a divided America, from powerful to powerless, angry to thwarted, from a Starbucks barista who dreams of making it onstage, to a couple whose online date goes bitterly awry, to a charmingly wicked US businessman living undercover in rural Italy.

    Basket of Deplorables is a timely take on the craziness of today: almost-true fiction for a post-truth world.


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    Tom Rachman
    About the Author

    Born in London and raised in Vancouver, Tom Rachman studied cinema at the University of Toronto and journalism at Columbia University in New York. His novels, all published by Text, include the bestselling The Imperfectionists, The Rise and Fall of Great Powers and Basket of Deplorables. He lives in London.

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    28 August 2017
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    Praise for Tom Rachman
    andBasket of Deplorables

    ‘When a Tom Rachman novel lands in the bookstores I stop living and breathing to devour it. It’s hard to think of anyone who has a better grasp on the world we live in (and I mean, like, the entire planet) and can write about it with such entertainment and panache.’

    ‘This acutely funny novel shows the great powers in our lives are often those closest to home.’

    ‘I’m still reeling from this powerful and provocative novel…[it] offers a gruelling assessment of humanity, mercifully tempered by some angels in disguise.’

    ‘This book is hilariously funny and blackly despairing, often at the same time.’ 

    ‘A darkly funny and timely collection, though hopefully not too topical…Basket of Deplorables should appeal to those readers who don’t mind their fiction infused with a dash of politics, not to mention fans of shows like Veep and Black Mirror.’

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    • Basket of Deplorables
      ISBN: 9781925626216
      28 August 2017
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