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Articles tagged “giveaways”

July’s New Releases and Monthly Giveaway

How cold is it right now?

It’s so cold our slush pile is now a slushie!

Yes, we just unabashedly jumped straight into Dad joke territory. And we’re equally unafraid to tell you how great our new July releases are.  

Have a look over them, and then for your chance to win one, head to our Facebook page.  

Text’s New June Books and Giveaway!

Text’s new June books, amongst other things, give you room to dream, take you travelling through time, make you think about desire and take you on a hunt for peacocks.

Have a look at our new books and for your chance to win one, head to our Facebook page.  

Text’s Marvellous May Books and Giveaway!

May is here and, along with it, a matchless slew of books that will set you up nicely for the coming cold months.

Have a look below at what we’ve got and head over to our Facebook page for your chance to win one.

The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted Book Club & Wine Competition

Text has partnered with A Wine Service to give one lucky book club the opportunity to win a case of wine: six bottles from the Blackhearts & Sparrows Classics selection, and six copies of The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted.     

Extremely Wonderful April Books at Text

Have you seen our new April books yet? If you have, then like us you’ve already started drawing up a chart of how many sleepless nights you’re going to have this month reading them all. And did we mention that one of our April books is the winner of the 2017 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing?

Have a look at what we’ve got for you this month, then head over to Text’s Facebook page for your chance to win one!

Text’s March Books and Giveaways

March books are here, and we’ve got translations, space adventures and film adaptations – all up for grabs in our monthly giveaway. 

Have a look at our new books and then head over to Text’s Facebook page for your chance to win one. 

February New Titles and Giveaway!

If, like us, you’re planning on staying indoors and no more than two metres away from an air conditioner this coming month, you could do a lot worse than spending most of that time reading Text’s February books. 

Have a look at our offerings for February and then head over to Text’s Facebook page for your chance to win one. 

Happy Birthday Helen! And how to win a signed set of Helen Garner books.

Text is thrilled to be publishing two beautiful books in November, designed by W. H. Chong, to celebrate Helen Garner’s writing life and her seventy-fifth birthday: True Stories  and Stories.

We’re offering you, dear reader, the chance to win 1 of 10 author-signed sets.

Read on for details of your chance to win one...

Text’s Stupendous September Giveaway!

Text’s September books are many and marvellous, and they’re finally here.

Make yourself a cuppa, place your phone face-down on the desk, take a nice calming breath and spend a quiet minute or two looking at what we’ve got for you this month... 

Q&A with Vikki Wakefield, Author of Ballad For a Mad Girl, Plus a Giveaway!

Text is utterly thrilled that Ballad for a Mad Girl by the ever-talented Vikki Wakefield is out this month. It’s a chilling and gritty portrayal of a teenage outsider and life in small-town Australia. 

We cornered Vikki and demanded she answer all of our questions on pain of stormwater pipe! She not only kindly told us everything she knew, but has also offered up an exclusive giveaway to her most fanatical fans (that’s us!). For your chance to win a signed set of Vikki Wakefield books, keep reading!


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