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Articles tagged “friday frivolity”


An excellent writer’s retreat, by Grant Snider.

How to read in bars.

Very cool: 1970s German book posters by Gunter Rambow.

Literary references on The Simpsons.

Slang terms for having sex, through history: now in handy chart form!

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The Walken comma.

7 essential Modernist life hacks.

Gorgeous paintings by Mike Stilkey on salvaged books.

11 unlikeable classic book characters we love to hate.

The reality of dating a bookworm.

Who wrote it: Sylvia Plath or Pamela Anderson?

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I like big books and I cannot lie.

Your female characters are so strong…

How do you read a poem consisting only of punctuation? I think the answer is ‘?’

Smoking in literature.

Here are the books we stopped reading, and where we stopped reading them.

Book hangovers are a thing.


26 excellent book dedications.

10 books that feature dogs.

I wonder what it’s like to be a housekeeper. I bet it’s really interesting and authentic, probably. My prestigious literary novel.

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thursdaytriviality (with apologies to #fridayfrivolity)

Some excellent vintage library posters.

Book Towns: where reading is the reason to live.

The 8 best literary impostors.

Lego Stories: books, etc, reimagined in lego.

Women writers who drank.

People trying to write in art.

Call me, Ishmael: a fun new literary project.

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Shoes inspired by literature.

An artist bio gets real. (Too real?)

The report cards of famous authors.

“You are a parasite,” Alice said. Ayn Rand’s Alice in Wonderland.

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Cartoonist Bob Eckstein drew his favourite bookshops for the New Yorker.

Harvard confirms book is bound in human skin. (This headline makes me happier than it should.)

‘I grow pissed…I grow pissed…’ More drunk texts from famous authors.

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10 writers and their favourite drinks.

Men can be muses, too, you know.

Every English novel ever.

The novel is dead, apparently, so it should probably have an epitaph or two.

John Green tells us 47 charming facts about children’s books.


This is why your manuscript is being returned.

Can you guess the literary classic from its cover?

This is excellent: a collection of 1960s Australian pulp fiction book covers.

25 movie cameos by the authors of the original books.

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Texting with Sylvia Plath.

The 25 greatest homes in literature. (Whither Pemberley, the whole reason for the love story in Pride and Prejudice? Don’t try to tell me Lizzie would still have fallen for Darcy without seeing his swell digs.)

10 words every book lover should know.


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