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Articles tagged “friday frivolity”


Adorable photos of famous authors kissing and being kissed.

Classic literature depicted in Lego. I’m pretty sure Batman in Dracula isn’t quite canon.

10 cosy reading nooks to nestle into with a good book.

How to wreck your book club in 9 easy steps.


10 quotes from writers who loved a stiff drink.

Can you distinguish between 80 different languages in the Great Language Game?

Book Hive is a kinetic sculpture featuring 400 animatronic books, built to celebrate 400 years of libraries in Bristol.

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Literary Valentines for the romantic reader.

Great historical slang from the Oxford English Dictionary. I for one have been doing my darnedest to bring ‘snoot’ and all its derivatives back.

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Book, you so crazy.

Oy, Frankenstein: the five least watchable book-to-movie adaptations.

Cats: peeing on your books since the fifteenth century.

29 things you must read before you get married, if you want to change your mind about the whole marriage thing, maybe?

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9 video games based on classic literature.

Paragraphs lost: when a bibliophile tries to find a single book in his book-filled house.

Quiz: match the writer to their odd job.

Elementary, my dear Yorick: 10 literary quotes we all get wrong.


Recovering the Classics: a collection of crowdsourced covers for great works of fiction in the public domain.

Great literary catchphrases. (Stretching the definition of ‘catchphrase’ a little, perhaps.)

Can you solve these riddles from literature?

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This is our last #fridayfrivolity of the year. We’ll revel in literary oddities again in 2014. Have a safe and happy holiday!

14 places to talk to a stranger about books.

Literary facts about Christmas.


20 famous authors as dolls. (That’s Raggedy Ayn Rand.)

Have you ever tried to imagine the layout of Bilbo Baggins' house, or the halls of Manderley? Now you can explore the homes of classic literature with these floor plans.


Novelist error messages.

Literary scenes recreated with lego.

Can you match the author to their pet?

The 5 most shocking deaths in literature. Spoiler alert, I guess, though if you didn’t see Romeo and Juliet’s deaths coming I don’t know how to help you.

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13 clever signs that will make you want to buy a book.

A collection of the world’s most expensive books. But if you want the best books—and for a much better price—well, you know where to go.

Helpful definitions for modern authors.

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