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Articles tagged “friday frivolity”


Bookshelfies: photos of readers and their bookshelves.

I used to tear off and eat the bottom of book pages. Until I was basically 13. I would roll them into little joint-looking things and then eat them idly while I read. Weird reading habits.

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The 12 best fictional libraries.

Atlas Chugged, and other Ayn Rand books we might actually read.

‘Basically, if it’s by Shakespeare, everyone in the title dies.’ Nick Offerman recaps the classics.

3 facts about the English language’s most adorable suffix.


Roald Dahl’s writing hut, The Gipsy House

Famous writers' small writing sheds and off-the-grid huts.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s list of 22 essential books. What would be on your list?

Lego librarian remix!

I despair for the next generation.

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Are You My Baby Daddy? and other Dirty Library titles we’d like to read.

Authors name their favourite first lines of books.

i need a peach
can it wait?
not really
there’s like
a bunch of mermaids here
and they definitely hate me
Texts from J Alfred Prufrock.

19 book cover clichés.


Character movements in The Great Gatsby explained in chart form.

12 tales of book thievery.

8 books you didn’t know were written by famous authors.

13 author quotes that will make you hungry.

7 horrifying ailments named after literary characters.

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A page from Finnegans Wake with spell-check turned on.

Look at me. Look at me. I’m a mess. An imagined monologue by your first short story.

5 book characters, psychoanalysed.

50 places every literary fan should visit.


Truly novel bookstores from around the world.

Watch a funny video featuring the grossest words in the English language.


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