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thursdaytriviality (or, when #fridayfrivolity is rescheduled due to public holidays)

Iconic fictional meals recreated in photographs.

To remind you never to skip the prelims: 17 incredible book epigraphs.

Page 57: The cholera epidemic reaches you anyway, while you are in the middle of dying in childbirth.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Most of Human History edition.

10 words to cut from your writing.

‘Horrorshow’, ‘heffalump’ and other made-up words from books.

These Books are Made for Walking; or, when someone comes up with the title of a listicle before the content.

Books that inspired classic rock.

To keep in touch with these more current sensibilities, Flicka the horse has been changed to Vice President Joe Biden; the boy who befriends her is now a pair of jeggings; and the ranch where they live has been replaced with a rainbow party.

Popular YA lit, updated for a modern readership.

Which poet are you?

The memorable last words of literary characters.

11 grammatical words and terms that sound dirty.

You have no legs and your name is alliterative. How to tell if you are in a Charles Dickens novel.


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