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Articles tagged “today elsewhere”

Today, Elsewhere

‘Women are not marginal. Women are not a minority. And the narrative of struggle—with its implied denouement of failure—perpetuates the myth that women have only ever been knocking at the door of Australia’s story. Struggling, not angry.

Today, Elsewhere

Garry Disher talks to Linda Herrick at the New Zealand Herald about crime writing, growing up in South Australia, and the time he taught Chopper Read in a creative-writing class. Garry’s new novel, Bitter Wash Road, is available now in bookshops and online.

Today, Elsewhere

‘The best stories in The Double can be brutal yet remain achingly moving and painfully poignant; there are some outstanding, even breathtaking sentences and scenes in this book. Takolander is fluent in capturing moments of sudden grief, shame, intimacy and melancholy.’ Read more

Today, Elsewhere

Today is the November pub date! Check out all the new books here. Missed today’s newsletter? Never fear. (But you should probably subscribe so this doesn’t happen again.)

On unusable words: auto-antonyms, profanity and other tricksy language problems.

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Today, Elsewhere

‘With its intricate narrative structure, use of multiple points of view and flashbacks, this is Savage’s most ambitious and accomplished crime novel to date.’ Sue Turnbull reviews Angela Savage’s The Dying Beach in the Age.

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Today, Elsewhere

‘It has the makings of the rare, palliative novel, to be visited and revisited, like a reassuring friend.’ Madeleine St John’s The Women in Black, reviewed.

Writers and their pet words.

Goodreads: where readers and authors battle it out in an online Lord of the Flies.

Today, Elsewhere

‘Glistens with precocious wisdom’: Miles Franklin’s My Brilliant Career reviewed in the Guardian.

Burying the Hatchet: the death of the negative book review.

Elon Green sat down with Gay Talese to annotate the latter’s famous profile ‘Frank Sinatra Has a Cold’.

Today, Elsewhere

Writing is ‘a form of prayer’: a Wall Street Journal blog interview with Ruth Ozeki, author of the Booker-shortlisted A Tale for the Time Being.

Today, Elsewhere

‘Don’t be afraid to write a bad book’: David Levithan talks to the Guardian about the process of writing Every Day.

Anna Holmes and Francine Prose discuss the most erotic books they’ve ever read.

“An editor does not add to a book,” he argued.

Today, Elsewhere

Writers of a certain vintage often fall into one of two camps: those whose creative powers are irrevocably on the wane and those who are at the height of their game. Margaret Drabble’s 18th novel, Read more


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