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Articles tagged “text classics”

Alice Cottrell’s Year of Reading Text Classics

At the beginning of 2015 I made a New Year’s resolution to read two Text Classics a month for the entire year.

Two New Books by the Extraordinary Robin Dalton

Illustration by Dina Dryhurst from Aunts Up the Cross

Next month sees the release of two books by the extraordinary Robin Dalton—the fiftieth-anniversary edition of Aunts Up the Cross and the first edition of My Relations.

Gideon Haigh Introduces Kate Jennings’ Moral Hazard
The Devil Whooping It Up

There is a saying about the British Broadcasting Corporation that it has inspired no great novel because nobody with the talent to write one has stayed long enough to do the necessary research.

Bernadette Brennan’s Introduction to Randolph Stow’s To the Islands

This month we’re excited to be publishing no less than five Randolph Stow novels in the Text Classics series, all with new companion essays.

Robyn Davidson Introduces I Saw a Strange Land

‘I followed in the footsteps of Arthur Groom, a young man who explored the “amazing series of parallel ranges that wall the heart of Australia” thirty years before I did.

Remembering James Aldridge

I first encountered James Aldridge’s books in the Kangaroo Flat Library when I was a braces-wearing, freckled eleven-year-old in zinc cream and Ken Done shorts.

‘A Different Kind of Dreaming’: Kate Constable’s introduction to I Own the Racecourse!

We recently republished Patricia Wrightson’s I Own the Racecourse! in the Text Classics series. Kate Constable’s new introduction to this charming tale is reproduced below.

Read more

‘Tremors across Still Water’: Margo Lanagan’s introduction to The Watcher in the Garden

We recently republished Joan Phipson’s The Watcher in the Garden in the Text Classics series. Margo Lanagan’s new introduction to this complex and gripping novel for young adults is reproduced below.

The Watcher in the Garden surprised me.

‘Shelter Torn Away’: James Moloney’s introduction to Hills End

We recently republished Ivan Southall’s Hills End in the Text Classics series. James Moloney’s new introduction to this forgotten gem is reproduced below.

Text Classics on the BBC

As part of the launch of the Text Classics in the UK, BBC Radio 4’s Mariella Frostrup spoke to Thomas Keneally, Geordie Williamson and Carmen Callil about the Text Classics, Australian literature and cultural identity.

Listen to them discuss works by Henry Handel Richardson, Read more


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