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Articles tagged “friday links”

Friday Links

5 artistic renderings of authors in their own words. (The one above is James Joyce as Ulysses.)

What book are you? Let’s hope it’s one you’ve read.

A nifty storage unit for a bike that also doubles as a bookshelf.

Friday Links

Illustrations of authors, if we were to take their names literally.

Tailless Monkey Arrested for Telemarketing Fraud, and other new titles for classic children’s books based only on their covers.

The real instructions needed to build an IKEA bookshelf.

Lonely Fitzgerald Read more

Friday Links

24 terrible books for women.

Take a ride on the world’s largest floating bookstore. (Question: do you have to pay tax in international waters?)

The 10 most-mentioned songs in books.

English is Not Easy: a beautiful and quirky illustrated guide to the English language.

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Friday Links

An illustrated origin story of the book.

1. Read the first seven pages and the last seven pages. Seven ways to fake it at book club.

Your favourite TV shows imagined as YA books.

2. ANGER: ‘There are four people at my signing, Mr.

Friday Links

It’s time to knock off and enjoy a cocktail, matched with the appropriate novel.

Related: a brief history of booze and books.

‘A book should be used and reused. It has life, it has a message,’ he said. ‘As a book caretaker, you become a full man.’ Read more

Friday Links

We are not recommending this particular path to literary success, but here are ten famous authors who dropped out of school.

The science behind that old book smell.

Friday Links

Fantastic vintage ads for libraries and reading.

What does your bookshelf say about you? Mine says: wow, this person went through a serious Plath phase.

A great idea for abandoned and otherwise ugly phone booths: turn them into libraries!

Submitters beware: Read more

Friday Links

56 Broken Kindle Screens: a print-on-demand book of found photos of broken Kindle screens.

A ranking of literary devils by their relative fearsomeness.

Here’s a century of bookmobiles, and here’s to a century more.

Friday Links

‘Beautiful Evidence’ by Thomas Allen: more gorgeous book art.

The books from The Royal Tenenbaums. It is sad that we can never read Old Custer.

You might think you’re sick of gif tumblrs, but I think you’re probably not quite there yet.

We had a couple of beautiful days this week.

Friday Links

‘I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now…’ C.S. Lewis

As I Lay Frying, a site for all your literary-quotes-with-pictures-of-doughnuts needs.

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