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Articles tagged “friday links”


Onomatopoeia for the eyes. For the eyes!

9 commonly used words with surprisingly unsavoury histories. I think we should all start saying ‘gentleman cow’.

Placing Literature maps book scenes in the real world.

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Friday Links

15 books destroyed (GASP!) for art (phew).

The wedding photos of 16 authors in love. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle doesn’t look all that happy, actually.

7 women from literature who would make great drinking buddies.

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Friday Links

This Stilton-like blue is a mix of narratives—the Mrs Dalloway of cheeses, if you will. 10 cheeses and their literary counterparts.

22 books that need to be written. Someone please write Enough Foucault, Let’s Disco now so I can read it.

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Friday Links

Famous authors' funniest inscriptions in their books.

25 signs you’re addicted to books. (#13 is a perennial problem for me.)

Jack Kerouac was a mummy’s boy, or, five authors who do not live up to their mythology.

Friday Links

Star Wars as pulp fiction. Yes, they all have sexy Leia on the cover.

Charles Dicken’s life as recounted by the Smiths (or a pretty good approximation of them).

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Friday Links

Lady puns.

Spend some time on Twitter watching the cool writers talk to each other. Take note of the inside jokes you are not a part of and, let’s face it, most likely will never be. 10 ways to torture yourself as a writer.

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Friday Links

An A–Z of unusual words, beautifully illustrated.

Think you’re pretty hardcore? Yeah, well, e e cummings literally invented partying.

Photos of some incredible reading rooms from around the world.

Friday Links

The Emotionary: words that don’t exist for feelings that do.

40 inspiring workspaces of the famously creative. E. B. White, you didn’t want a plant or something? Maybe a poster of a kitten captioned ‘Hang in there’?

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Friday Links

50 incredible tattoos inspired by books.

The fascinating stories behind classic book titles.

How to shop at a bookshop: an easy 20-step guide for authors.

19 emotions for which English has no words.

20 literary facts to impress your friends with.

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Friday Links

15 gorgeously macabre book plates.

for a complete answer, message me your address and i will send you a 120-foot document of my thoughts: Jack Kerouac’s online dating profile.

Beautiful polaroids of books in unexpected places.


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