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Friday Links

An A–Z of unusual words, beautifully illustrated.

Think you’re pretty hardcore? Yeah, well, e e cummings literally invented partying.

Photos of some incredible reading rooms from around the world.

In casting the ‘74 adaptation, Marlon Brando and Warren Beatty were in the running to play Gatsby, but Brando wanted too much money and Beatty wanted to direct it. 25 things you didn’t know about The Great Gatsby.

How it feels when you’re a writer, and your ex publishes a book.

In his third work, Mr Happy, Hargreaves takes us on a Jungian journey to the integrated self. The Mr Men books taken very seriously.

10 book-to-film adaptations that flopped.

One Beauty My Ass: Jo March In Her Own Words and other books I would read if they were real.

Very cool: how to make a lamp out of a book.