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Articles tagged “friday links”

Friday Links

10 excellent reasons to date a bookworm.

When good authors give bad writing advice.

Shteyngart Blurbs: A Documentary.

‘A neverthriving of jugglers’ and other fun collective nouns.

It helps if you’re a wizard.

Looking for a way to waste the afternoon? Here’s an oddly addictive Read more

Friday Links

Literary puns, illustrated.

If Dr Seuss books were titled according to their subtexts.

Cats in bookstores: never novel, always irresistible.

Holden Caulfield is gay, and other lit conspiracy theories.

Technology porn for book lovers: watch a 1940s video on how a book is made.

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Friday Links

Literary graffiti from around the world.

These are some lousy book covers.

A fun DIY project: turn a spare cupboard into a cosy reading nook.

Sylvia Plath, Girl Detective.

The Faulkner Estate v Woody Allen, and other literary feuds of 2012.

Can you escape from Michel Foucault?

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And a Merry Friday Links to you!

This is our last post of the year. Thanks for reading! Best wishes to all of you and your families for the festive season.

‘I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries’ and other self-deprecating quotes from famous authors.

How do they stay in place? Witchcraft?

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Friday Links

One of the characters of the forthcoming The Rosie Project—the lobster—visited the Text office today. Follow his adventures here.

The sexiest book covers of all time? Then why isn’t this on here?

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Friday Links

Let’s all enjoy some pictures of cats with books. (Extra points: see how many book titles containing the word ‘cat’ you can spot in the picture above.)

The 26 most important letters in the English language, in order.

You have to admire this nail art inspired by book covers.

Friday Links

Brilliant book ads encouraging people to read.

Word and Film think of their dream casts for favourite books.

A very special book vending machine.

Hyphen. An incredibly popular mark, particularly amongst hipsters and domesticated fowl. This is the sexiest punctuation mark.

Friday Links

How to make your own cute pom pom bookmarks.

Philip Roth’s retirement and other famous literary exits.

Dream houses built for books and the nerds who love them.

A site devoted to pictures of secret bookshelf doors.

11 weirdly spelled words and how they got that way.

A Read more

Friday Links

If you build a house and don’t put in at least one of these amazing secret bookshelf passages, you have wasted a beautiful opportunity.

12 famous authors' first author photos.

How to talk like Jane Austen, or, what did you think ‘tittuppy’ meant?

The artist and the critic: Read more

Friday Links

Adorable pictures of people (and a dog) dressed up as books.

Cormac McCabre, Bone Didion and other monsters of modern literature.

A fantastic kinetic typography video of Stephen Fry discussing the joys of language, and the pedantic killjoys that take all the fun out of it.


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