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Text Authors at the Melbourne Writers Festival

Like many literary events, the Melbourne Writers Festival can be a daunting space to find your way around. With so many interesting people talking about so many interesting books, the FOMO is very real. While we can’t pretend to give you a foolproof strategy for making sure you don’t miss out on everything you want to see, we can help you ensure you don’t miss a single Text author over the ten days of the festival.

Alice Bishop, author of A Constant Hum
Saturday 7 September, 10:00am – Readings Recommends: New Voices in Local Fiction 

Melanie Cheng, author Room for a Stranger
Saturday 31 August, 1:00pm – Muse in the Museum: Melanie Cheng  
Sunday 1 September, 10:00am – Celebrating Victorian Writers 
Friday 6 September, 11.30am  – Melanie Cheng: Room for a Stranger 
Friday 6 September, 4:00pm – Storytelling is the Best Medicine 
Friday 6 September, 10:00am – Choice Words: Writing About Abortion 

Sophie Cunningham, author of City of Trees
Saturday 31 August, 2:00pm – Local Libraries: Sophie Cunningham 
Friday 6 September, 1:00pm – While the World Burns
Sunday 8 September, 11.30am – Sophie Cunningham: City of Trees 

Jennifer Down, author of Pulse Points
Sunday 8 September, 1:00pm – Short Stories, Big Impacts 
Toni Jordan, author of Fragments
Saturday 7 September, 10:00am – Guardian Australia: The Unmissables 
Saturday 7 September, 8:00pm – Richard Flanagan: You Win Some, You Lose Some 
Sunday 8 September, 2.30pm – Unpicking Classic Romances 
Nina Kenwood, author of It Sounded Better in My Head
Sunday 1 September, 1:00pm – It’s Complicated 

Krissy Kneen, author of Wintering 
Sunday 1 September, 10:00am – Sasha Marianna Salzmann: Beside Myself 
Sunday 1 September, 1:00pm – When We Talk About Bodies  

Sarah Krasnostein, author of The Trauma Cleaner
Friday 6 September, 1:00pm – Corey White: The Prettiest Horse in the Glue Factory 
Saturday 7 September, 10:00am – Love Letter to a Book 

Sasha Marianna Salzmann, author of Beside Myself
Saturday 31 August, 11:30am – Happily Ever After? 
Sunday 1 September, 10:00am – Sasha Marianna Salzmann: Beside Myself

Carrie Tiffany, author of Exploded View
Saturday 31 August, 7:00pm – When We Talk About Home
Friday 6 September, 11.30am – The Child Within 
Saturday 7 September, 10:00am – Guardian Australia: The Unmissables 

Clare Wright, author of You Daughters of Freedom
Friday 6 September, 5.30pm – The Road to the Ballot Box

Tyson Yunkaporta, author of Sand Talk
Friday 6 September, 10:00am  – Readings Recommends: Indigenous Non-Fiction

Arnold Zable, author of The Fighter
Friday 6 September, 10:00am – Just Add Love 
Saturday 7 September, 6:30pm – Melbourne Masterclass: Arnold Zable 

Actually, we can already see some clashes, here. Oh well. Maybe you can clone yourself...?

The Mebourne Writers Festival runs from 30 August — 8 September. More information can be found at the MWF website.


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