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It Sounded Better in My Head

It Sounded Better in My Head

Nina Kenwood

When her parents announce their impending separation, Natalie can’t understand why no one is fighting or at least mildly upset. Then Zach and Lucy, her two best friends, hook up, leaving her feeling slightly miffed and decidedly awkward. She’d always imagined she would end up with Zach one day—in the version of her life that played out like a TV show, with just the right amount of banter, pining and meaningful looks. Now everything has changed and nothing is quite making sense.

Until an unexpected romance comes along and shakes things up even further.

It Sounded Better in My Head is a tender, funny and joyful novel about longing, confusion, feeling left out and finding out what really matters—from an exciting new voice in Australian YA writing.


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Nina Kenwood
About the Author

Nina Kenwood is a writer, who lives in Melbourne. She won the 2018 Text Prize for her debut young adult novel, It Sounded Better in My Head.

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6 August 2019
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Praise for Nina Kenwood
andIt Sounded Better in My Head

‘An adorably awkward and real romance. It was love at first chapter for me.’

‘This book is delicious—beautiful, funny, real and supremely honest. I devoured it.’

‘I loved this delightful, funny, big-hearted book. Natalie’s wry internal voice really spoke to the awkward-teen me.’

‘Nina Kenwood has created nuanced and authentic characters, each caught up in their trajectory towards adulthood…a gorgeous and funny coming-of-age novel that perfectly captures the awkward, liminal nature of adolescence.’

‘I loved it! This is a novel to relish and recommend.’

‘A beautiful story about teenage love and heartache.’

‘The best novel about first love and teenage life I have read in a very long time.’

‘I absolutely looooooooooooved it…I fell for Natalie like a ton of bricks!!’

‘Utter perfection! ♥ ♥ ♥’

‘I absolutely adored this novel.’

‘I can’t wait to sell this wonderful, funny, articulate, compassionate book.’

‘ You feel like you’ve made friends by novel’s end.’

‘Every 15+ should be given this next Christmas.’

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  • It Sounded Better in My Head
    ISBN: 9781925774740
    6 August 2019
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