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Articles tagged “today elsewhere”

Today, Elsewhere

‘What would it be like to be the guy who punched Harry Houdini in the stomach?…Unless you believe the conspiracy theories, it was probably just some guy who thought it would be a funny, dumb-ass thing to do.’ Steven Galloway talks to the Globe and Mail about his new novel, Read more

Today, Elsewhere

‘I think I’d rather enjoy being a dog trainer’: Melinda Houston, author of Kat Jumps the Shark, interviewed at the Wheeler Centre.

What’s the difference between bailing out of a movie, a book or a theatre performance?

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Today, Elsewhere

‘The detective story equivalent of the kitchen sink’: Michael Dirda reviews The Mystery of a Hansom Cab in the Washington Post.

This is great fun: the OED birthday word generator tells you what words entered the English language the year you were born.

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Today, Elsewhere

‘I defy the reader to get through Joyful without shedding tears of mirth and tears of joy…Joyful’s characters are destined to live in memory alongside Winton’s Fish and Lamb families that emerged from Cloudstreet and took up lodging in a nation’s treasury.’
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Today, Elsewhere

After Clare Wright’s Stella Prize win for The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka last week, Michelle Smith considers the importance of women’s literary prizes at The Conversation.

Today, Elsewhere

‘If childhood is life’s great force, and the novel is our unflinching explorer of that force, then Elena Ferrante is the most piercingly astute novelist of childhood we currently have.’ The Sydney Morning Herald on Elena Ferrante’s Read more

Today, Elsewhere

Watch a concert with music composed by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, based on the characters and motifs of The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game.

How the paperback changed the world.

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Today, Elsewhere

The LA Review of Books considers David Levithan’s writing career and his contribution to queer YA literature.

The problem with ‘women you should be reading’ lists.

Bonfire of the Humanities: on saving the famed manuscripts of Timbuktu.

Today, Elsewhere

‘His lyrical encounters with a wide range of modern Delhiites reveal a novelist’s ear and are beautifully sketched’: Rana Dasgupta’s Capital: A Portrait of Twenty-First Century Delhi reviewed in the Telegraph.

An excellent piece on diversity in the publishing industry.

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Today, Elsewhere

‘It’s a book to catch, before it takes flight’: Jay Griffiths' A Love Letter from a Stray Moon reviewed in the Independent.

A history of love (of bookstores).

‘Dating a writer was one of my bigger relationship snafus—his ego often made our duo a trio.’ Read more


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