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Articles tagged “today elsewhere”

Today, Elsewhere

Guess who’s a fan of The Rosie Project?

How shelving can save a book’s life.

‘I listen to the Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray", over and over’: advice from writers on how to beat writer’s block.

Today, Elsewhere

‘I don’t even like to write in public places’: an interview with Geoff Dyer in the White Review.

How Dungeons & Dragons has influenced a generation of writers.

Infographic: how to perfect your elevator pitch.

Today, Elsewhere

‘To reinvent yourself means to live openly to life’: an interview with Tom Rachman, author of The Rise and Fall of Great Powers.

Why we need ‘ugly’ heroines.

The rules for book reviewing.

Today, Elsewhere

‘Ferrante is a master of the unsayable’: the Guardian on Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series. (Book three in the series, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, is out 24 September.)

The race to destroy priceless manuscripts as idiotically as possible.

The art of the opening sentence.

Today, Elsewhere

An interview with Chris Flynn, author of The Glass Kingdom and A Tiger in Eden, recorded at Avid Reader.

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Today, Elsewhere

The Guardian on Elizabeth Harrower: ‘Australia’s buried literary treasure is unearthed.’

What does it mean to cry over a book?

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Today, Elsewhere

Peter Temple, author of The Broken Shore, Truth and the Jack Irish novels, gives a rare interview to NPR.

Jane Messer makes the case against anonymous reviews.

On endings.

Today, Elsewhere

The case for Peter Temple’s The Broken Shore as the great Australian novel.

‘Every writer needs an editor, and anyone who says he doesn’t has a fool for a muse.’

What the future of reading looks like (to the author of the piece, at least).

Today, Elsewhere

An interview with Herman Koch, author of The Dinner and the newly released Summer House with Swimming Pool.

Are ‘girly’ covers discrediting literary fiction by women?

The lost beauty of book endpapers.

Today, Elsewhere

‘For St John, words were about keeping the darkness at bay.’ Lucy Sussex reviews Helen Trinca’s Madeleine : A Life of Madeleine St John in the Sydney Review of Books.

Two writers on how parenthood has informed their writing lives.

‘Books are sacred’: Read more


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