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Articles tagged “extract”

Can You Hear the Sea? Kirsty Murray’s Heartfelt Book Launch Speech

In her poignant new book Can You Hear the Sea?: My Grandmother’s Story Brenda Niall delves into the life of her grandmother Aggie, an intelligent and determined woman who immigrated to Australia from Liverpool in 1888 at the age of nineteen. 

The book launch for this remarkable biography included a heartfelt and insightful speech by Kirsty Murray, which Text is delighted to share with you...

Helen Garner’s Undiscovered Masterpiece

You said you’d read anything she wrote, even her shopping list. So – here it is, fresh off the kitchen table, Helen Garner’s shopping list. 

Text would like to thank Helen Garner for graciously providing this insight into the heady everyday life of an Australian great. (Or for finally bending to our incessant demands and pulling this out of the recycling just to shut us up – take your pick.)

The Stranger, a chilling new thriller by Melanie Raabe

She doesn’t know him. But he knows everything about her.

Get ready for another high-stakes, intense psychological thriller from Melanie Raabe, author of the international bestseller The Trap.

The Stranger is packed full of gripping twists and turns and everything else that you loved about Melanie Raabe’s first book.

Read on for an extract.

A Slice of Sourdough from Robin Sloan

Robin Sloan has cooked up yet another delicious feast of literature. Sourdough tells the tantalising tale of Lois, a techie at a robotics company who codes all day, eats the company’s slurry for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and collapses into her bed at night. 

What follows is an epic adventure involving a singing sourdough starter, underground farmers’ markets, Lois clubs (They do exist!), goats, and a robotic arm that can crack an egg.

Read on for a slice of Robin Sloan’s Sourdough, then make your very own sourdough starter with Robin Sloan’s recipe after the extract.

A Letter from Mark Smith, Author of Wilder Country

The Wilders want revenge and things are looking bleak. 

Wilder Country by Mark Smith is here and it’s every bit as gripping as The Road to Winter.

We could rant about how exciting, dark and riveting this series is all day. But instead, we’re going to let the author, Mark Smith tell you about it himself. 

As well as giving you an extract to read. 

On the Java Ridge: An Extract of Political Bastardry

Jock Serong, award-winning author of Quota and The Rules of Backyard Cricket now brings you a gripping political thriller set on the high seas. 

Read on for an edited extract. 

Still Life with Tornado by A.S. King: Read an Extract

Have you read Still Life with Tornado yet?

If not, why?


The New York Times loved it: ‘Moving, unapologetically strange, skilfully constructed...Read this book, whatever your age. You may find it’s the exact shape and size of the hole in your heart.’

Read on for an extract.

Read an Extract: Anaesthesia by Kate Cole-Adams

You know how it is when you go under. The jab, the countdown, the—
—and then you wake.
This book is about what happens in between. 

Anaesthesia: The Gift of Oblivion and the Mystery of Consciousness by Kate Cole-Adams is an astonishing work of creative non-fiction about the enigma at the heart of modern medicine, and the mystery of the interrupted self.

Read on for an extract from this absorbing and remarkable book...

Read an Extract: The Last Garden by Eva Hornung

Award-winning novelist Eva Hornung’s latest book, The Last Garden is already receiving high praise  from readers everywhere.

Set in a remote nineteenth-century adventist community, this powerful and moving novel tells the story of Benedict, a teenage boy whose life is shattered by his parents’ murder-suicide. 

‘Like all great literary fiction, The Last Garden provokes thought and empathy in equal measure. This visceral and utterly compelling new novel represents an ambitious new layer to Hornung’s continued investigation of the human condition, magnificently realised.’ Readings

Read on for an excerpt...

Read an extract: Signal Loss by Garry Disher

Rip through the first chapter from Garry Disher's gripping new crime novel, set in the underbelly of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. When the bodies in the burnt-out Mercedes prove to be a pair of Sydney hitmen, Inspector Hal Challis’s inquiries into a local ice epidemic take a darker turn. Meanwhile, Ellen Destry, head of the new sex crimes unit, finds herself not only juggling the personalities of her team but hunting a serial rapist who leaves no evidence behind. Disher delivers again, with all the suspense and human complexity for which readers love him.   


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