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The Trap

Translated by Imogen Taylor

I know you killed my sister. I wrote this book for you.

Twelve years ago, Linda’s sister Anna was murdered. Her killer was never caught, but Linda saw his face. Now, all these years on, she’s just seen him again. On TV.

He has become a well-known reporter, and Linda—a famous novelist and infamous recluse—knows no one will believe her if she accuses him.

But she has a plan: she writes a thriller about a woman who is murdered, her killer never caught.

When the book is published, she agrees to give just one interview.

At home.

To the one person who knows more about the case than she does.

 Read an interview or an extract on the Text blog.

Melanie Raabe
About the Author

Melanie Raabe began her working life as a journalist but secretly wrote books by night. Her debut novel, The Trap, was an international bestseller. Her second, The Stranger, remained on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for almost six months when it was first published in 2016.

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Text publication date:
30 January 2017
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Praise for Melanie Raabe
andThe Trap

‘The tables turn and turn again, while the reader’s trust in the narrator’s credibility is tested to the max.’

‘You won’t be able to resist.‘

‘A mind-bending psychological thriller…An intriguing debut novel.’

‘Suspenseful…taut storytelling.’

‘Raabe has crafted a brilliant psychological thriller. It is fast-paced with an abundance of twists and red herrings, and more than one heart-stopping climax.’

‘A fast, twisty read for fans of Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn.’

‘A gripping psychological thriller with a literary difference. Fact and fiction blur as we race towards the dramatic conclusion never quite sure what to expect next.’


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  • The Trap
    ISBN: 9781922253507
    29 March 2016
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