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The Shadow

Translated by Imogen Taylor

‘On February 11 you will kill a man called Arthur Grimm. Of your own free will. And for a good reason.’

Norah has just moved from Berlin to Vienna in order to leave her old life behind her for good when a homeless woman spits these words at her. Norah is unnerved: many years earlier, something terrible happened to her on February 11. She shrugs this off as a mere coincidence, however, until shortly afterwards she meets a man called Arthur Grimm.

Soon Norah begins to have a dreadful suspicion: does she have a good reason to take revenge on Grimm? What really happened in the worst night of her life all those years ago? And can Norah make sure that justice is done without herself committing murder?

Melanie Raabe
About the Author

Melanie Raabe began her working life as a journalist but secretly wrote books by night. Her debut novel, The Trap, was an international bestseller. Her second, The Stranger, remained on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for almost six months when it was first published in 2016.

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About the Translator

Imogen Taylor is a literary translator based in Berlin. Her translations includeFearandTwinsby Dirk Kurbjuweit, Sascha Arango’sThe Truth and Other Liesand Melanie Raabe’sThe Trap,The Stranger and The Shadow.

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Text publication date:
31 March 2020
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Praise for Melanie Raabe
andThe Shadow

‘This psychological thriller will keep you guessing until the end.’

‘Another unsettling and slippery psychological thriller that keeps you guessing up to the last page.’

‘Full of suspense, right up to the final paragraphs…An edgy thriller.’

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  • The Shadow
    ISBN: 9781925923230
    31 March 2020
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