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Love It or Your Money Back—The Road to Winter by Mark Smith

Watch Mark Smith talk about his exciting debut, The Road to Winter.

Text is offering a money-back guarantee that you will love The Road to Winter. See inside the back cover for details.

Finn’s a survivor—the only survivor—of a virus that wiped out his town. 

He’s kept himself alive by hunting, fishing and rationing a hidden stash of canned food and fuel. He’s stayed out of trouble, clear of the violent gang controlling the north, for two winters.

But suddenly everything changes. A girl appears—she’s on the run, injured, and she needs Finn’s help.

And the secret she carries will change everything.

The Road to Winter is an unforgettable novel about survival, honour, friendship and love. And Mark Smith is an extraordinary writer.

The Road to Winter

The Road to Winter

Mark Smith

Mark Smith lives on Victoria’s Surf Coast where he writes and runs outdoor education programs for young adults. The Road to Winter is perfect for the classroom and we’ve created teaching notes here.

Here’s what the Texters think about The Road to Winter:

‘An edge-of-the-seat survival story. Every cracking twig, every hunger pang, every second of fear is real and immediate. I read the whole thing holding my breath for Finn, Rose and Kas.’ Jane Pearson, Senior Editor 

‘The most exciting adventure story I’ve read in years. You will want to tell everyone you know about this wonderful book. Absolutely unputdownable.’ Jane Novak, Publicity Manager 

‘One of those atmospheric novels that draws you in completely with its brilliant storytelling and powerful emotional depth. Finn and Rose are utterly memorable with their strength and raw vulnerability. I especially loved the coastal town where it is set. Brilliant!’ Shalini Kunahlan, Marketing Coordinator

‘Others in the company were already raving about The Road to Winter when I started reading it on the train home from work. My expectations were high. It had been a long day. Next thing I knew, I very nearly missed my station. The characters and the tension burrowed under my skin, I finished reading it late that same night. There are few better things than that bittersweet excitement near the end of a book where you simultaneously really, really need to know what happens but also don't want the journey to be over. This book delivered on everything I was promised in spades, or even wheelbarrows.’ Stephanie Speight, Publicist 

‘From the moment Finn arrives on the page with his canine best friend Rowdy, I was hooked on this story. Finn is alone in the world, everyone he knew and loved has disappeared and there is little hope for the future. But with Rowdy on the alert Finn can stay safe when he’s hunting, fishing or surfing—the one pleasure he holds onto. I’d love to have a mate like Rowdy waiting on the beach for me when I came out of the surf!’ Michelle Calligaro, Digital Manager

The Road to Winter is released on Monday—order now in bookshops and online.


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