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The 20 stages of reading, illustrated.

Guess: Franzen gripe or YouTube comment about saggy pants?

We buy books. We buy more books than we could ever read. And that might be okay as long as we let those books live their lives. How to live with bibliophilia.

The 12 best dates in fiction.

Keep a close eye on your Twitter account. Important things may be said there that you will be expected to weigh in on, and if you don’t, everyone will wonder if you fell asleep in the bathroom stall of the bar last night and are still there, head sunken low next to the toilet, one lost contact lens embedded somewhere in the floor grime. Advice on writing and not-writing.

5 of the most scandalous affairs in literary history.

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimised by Caroline Bingley: 10 mean girls in literature.

Ooh, la: lingerie in literature.

It’s true all I do is write because I hate Facebook, you’ll never find someone who hates Facebook more than me. Holden Caulfield, millennial kid.

Hemingway’s recipe for hamburger.


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