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Today, Elsewhere

With us today is Brandie Perez, 19, wrapped in a skull-print scarf and visiting from Florida to meet her ‘hero.’ I bring up his robust, often poetic Twitter feed, where he affectionately addresses his followers as chupacabras. They’re generous: ‘I get so much stuff: crystals. Boots. A jar of mayonnaise. One time, a woman in the street gave me a painting she made. From the waist down, it’s a horse; from the waist up, it’s me. I said “Thank you” and kept going.’ He turns to chupacabra Perez. ‘You gave me a bag of jack-o’-lanterns once.’

Damien Echols, author of Life After Death, tattoos his interviewer.

The subconscious landscape of the printed book.

On writing in the morning.