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A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing

A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing

Eimear McBride

It is, in all respects, a heresy—which is to say, Lord above, it’s a future classic. Eimear McBride's A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing reviewed in the New York Times.

The trouble with writing is that it is often a roller coaster pitching us between grandiosity and despair.

Craning your head forward in a gesture of exaggerated curiosity, your cheeks acting as satellite dishes to the feature or obstruction, briefly flit your eyes downward at the e-reader. (“The Hunger Games.” Just as you suspected.) Should the graceful enactment of this maneuver prove too burdensome, I suggest you find a new medium through which silently to judge others, such as footwear or nape hair. The etiquette of borrowing, recommending and reshelving books.