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Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #5

Be hospitable: Can I getcher a drink? Snow trarpler tall.

… … … … …

This month, Text is proud to publish Strine: The complete works of Afferbeck Lauder. A comic masterpiece and a fascinating study of Australian speech, it’ll have you speaking strine in no time.

‘What a joy to have Afferbeck Lauder back with us. His collections of Strine and Fraffly are invaluable for anyone whose ear for English has been dimmed by American TV shows and their Australian copies. And isn’t that all of us? At last we can venture out in public again, and hope to understand a conversation.’ Julian Burnside

‘Calm believe there are decent a strains at aren’t for mere with the werks of Afferbeck Lauder. Where’s your censor Judy? Buy this book and learn out as peek in a civil I stung!’ Casey Bennetto