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Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #10

Don’t forget to sing ‘Shoulder Quaint’s Beef Cot’ on Ear’s Eve.

… … … … … …

Those tips should get you comfortably through any social occasion this festive season.
Join us tomorrow as we bring you more useful advice: Ten tips for Fraffly holiday etiquette. Here we take our cues from Fraffly Well Spoken (How to Speak the Language of London’s West End), and Fraffly Suite (Not Just a Language but a Ware Flafe). These tips will be just the thing if you find yourself on the other side of town (and the tracks) this Christmas.

Strine: The Complete Works of Afferbeck Lauder contains Strine, Nose Tone Unturned, Fraffly Well Spoken and Fraffly Suite, all together in one hilarious volume. In all good bookstores now.