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One campaign has been run and won, and the winner takes home a copy of Jessica Rudd’s CAMPAIGN RUBY

We received a great response to our call for your pollie stories. As with that other campaign currently underway, there can be only one winner. And that winner is…drum roll, please…Alyssa Lynch. Alyssa receives a free copy of Campaign Ruby by Jessica Rudd for her tale of a bogan on a phone, a Lord Mayor on a tram, and a lost vote.

I get the South Melbourne tram on its way to the city every morning and Robert Doyle, former Victorian Liberal Party leader and now 103rd Lord Mayor of Melbourne, is sometimes on board. At first it was kind of exciting seeing him getting to work on public transport like everybody else, and there’s no doubt Doyle likes the attention when people recognise him. But one day an excited young bogan spotted Doyle. He loudly rang his girlfriend to tell her he was on the tram sitting two rows down from the Mayor. A smiling Robert Doyle interrupted the conversation to correct the guy. ‘It’s Lord Mayor’, he told him.

Well, I’m reconsidering my vote, Lord Mayor!

Alyssa Lynch

Well done Alyssa and thanks to everyone for participating.

Campaign Ruby is now in stores everywhere.


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