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Don’t know your kroots from your kroo-tawns? Ask Marjorie!

Marjorie Bligh, housewife superstar, offers a pronunciation guide to tricksy food terms:

Au gratin (or-grar-tan)

Bisque (bisk)

Bechamel (Beshamel)

Bolognese (bol-on-asee)

Bouillon (Boo-yawn)

Cafe au Lait (Kafay-o-lay)

Canape (can-a-pay)

Chantilly (shahnte-yi)

Coq Au Vin (cock-ovan)

Croquettes (craw-kets)

Croutes (Kroots)

Croutons (Kroo-tawns)

Entree (on-tray)

Frappe (fra-pay)

Gateau (ga-toe)

Goulash (goo-lash)

Parfait (par-fay)

Piquant (pee-kant)

Puree (pure-ay)

Ragout (Ra-goo)

Ravioli (ra-vee-o-lee)

Saute (so-tay)

Souffle (soo-flay)

Vol-au-vent (vol-o-vahn)

Wiener Schnitzel (veener-schnit-zel)

Print out this handy guide to keep in your wallet for easy reference and never be embarrassed at fancy soirees (swarr-rays) again!

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