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Number 3 chiller

Impac Dublin Literary Award: longlist announced

The IMPAC Dublin Literary Award is run by Dublin City Libraries, taking nominations from libraries around the world for books published in English. The longlist has just been announced, and we are happy to see a number of books published by Text in the mix:

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Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #8

Politely leave a party: Skew smee. I marfter see Marmon dead now.

… … … … … …

Professor Afferbeck Lauder’s Strine: A strain must appease. Back in print, along with Fraffly Suite and Fraffly Well Spoken. In all good bookstores now.

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #7

Decline extra helpings: Thenk smite, but I jess got no ebb tide (or, I monner diet).

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #6

Explain your hangover: Split hair dyke—need a cole share Anna laidan. Got stark ender the grog la snite.

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #5

Be hospitable: Can I getcher a drink? Snow trarpler tall.

… … … … …

This month, Text is proud to publish Strine: The complete works of Afferbeck Lauder. A comic masterpiece and a fascinating study of Australian speech, it’ll have you speaking strine in no time.

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #4

Make conversation: Jareedna piper abat the government? Aorta do something abat it.

… … … … … … …

More tips next week. Once you’ve mastered strine, stay tuned, as we will soon bring you Fraffly Well Spoken - ten tips for Fraffly holiday etiquette.

The Gargoyle wins Sunburst Award - Fantastic!

Andrew Davidson’s gruesome, beautiful, spellbinding bestseller The Gargoyle has won the 2009 Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. This epic debut novel was a massive hit around the world, when it was first published last year.

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #3

Comment on the weather: Scona be a grade A for sin in the sun—might need the egg nisher on later.

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #2

Praise your host’s abode: What a Gloria Soame (or terror souse)—you should see mipe lice.

Strine - a strain must appease

This month sees the return to print of an Australian classic, Strine.

Nothing says it like a song:

‘With air chew, with air chew,
Iker nardly liver there chew,
An I dream a badger kisser snite and die.


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