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Number 3 chiller

Gerald Murnane has won the Melbourne Prize for Literature

Text warmly congratulates Gerald Murnane on winning the Melbourne Prize for Literature. Gerald was awarded the $60,000 Prize at a ceremony in Melbourne last night.

A victory for authors, publishers, Australian literature and Australian jobs

The Federal Government has today announced it will not implement the Productivity Commission’s proposed changes to territorial copyright law. The news broke just prior to a rally in Melbourne this morning, organised by the AMWU.

Ten tips for Fraffly holiday etiquette - #1
Propose a toast at a potty or rare straw: Chozzle man! Chozz!

… … … … … …

Strine: The Complete Works of Afferbeck Lauder contains Let Stalk Strine, Nose Tone Unturned, Fraffly Well Spoken and Fraffly Suite, all together in one hilarious volume. In all good bookstores now.

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #10

Don’t forget to sing ‘Shoulder Quaint’s Beef Cot’ on Ear’s Eve.

… … … … … …

Those tips should get you comfortably through any social occasion this festive season.
Join us tomorrow as we bring you more useful advice: Ten tips for Fraffly holiday etiquette.

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #9

Tiger teasie, but if things do get out of hand, apologise with flares.

Text Catalogue: January to June 2010


for the first half of 2010 is ready. You can (5 Mb) or click on the image below to have a flip through online. It’s a stellar line-up—too much talent to list here. Browse for yourself to see what we mean.

Impac Dublin Literary Award: longlist announced

The IMPAC Dublin Literary Award is run by Dublin City Libraries, taking nominations from libraries around the world for books published in English. The longlist has just been announced, and we are happy to see a number of books published by Text in the mix:

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Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #8

Politely leave a party: Skew smee. I marfter see Marmon dead now.

… … … … … …

Professor Afferbeck Lauder’s Strine: A strain must appease. Back in print, along with Fraffly Suite and Fraffly Well Spoken. In all good bookstores now.

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #7

Decline extra helpings: Thenk smite, but I jess got no ebb tide (or, I monner diet).

Ten tips for Strine holiday etiquette - #6

Explain your hangover: Split hair dyke—need a cole share Anna laidan. Got stark ender the grog la snite.


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