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John Clarke
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John Clarke

John Clarke was born in New Zealand in 1948. He was and remains one of Australia’s best known and most loved faces on TV. A comedian, writer and actor, his appearances included the famous Fred Dagg character, The Gillies Report and The Games. John’s books include The Even More Complete Book of Australian Verse, A Dagg at My Table, The Howard Miracle and The 7.56 Report. His only novel, The Tournament, was published in the UK and the US to great critical acclaim and will be republished in the Text Classics in November. He died in April 2017.

Read a tribute to John Clarke from Michael Heyward here.


NZ Groove Book Report

Titles byJohn Clarke
  • Tinkering
    John Clarke
  • The Tournament
    The Tournament
    John Clarke
  • A Pleasure to Be Here
    A Pleasure to Be Here
    John Clarke
  • The Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse
    The Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse
    John Clarke
  • The Catastrophe Continues
    The Catastrophe Continues
    John Clarke
  • The 7.56 Report
    The 7.56 Report
    John Clarke
  • The Howard Miracle
    The Howard Miracle
    John Clarke
  • Still the Two
    Still the Two
    John Clarke
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