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The Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse

The Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse: Text Classics

John Clarke

For many years it was assumed that poetry came from England. Research now clearly demonstrates, however, that a great many of the world’s most famous poets were actually Australians.

Possibly the most important anthology ever published. The definitive collection featuring key works by such famous Australian poets as Gavin Milton, Arnold Wordsworth, Sylvia Blath, Very Manly Hopkins, R.A.C.V. Milne and Dylan Thompson.

Michael Williams and John Clarke at the 2014 Lighthouse Literary Festival

Michael Williams and John Clarke at the 2014 Lighthouse Literary Festival

John Clarke
About the Author

John Clarke was born in New Zealand. He was and remains one of Australia’s best-known and most loved faces on TV. A comedian, writer and actor, his appearances included the famous Fred Dagg character, The Gillies Report and The Games. John’s books include A Dagg at My Table, The Howard Miracle and The 7.56 Report. His novel, The Tournament, was...

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26 April 2012
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Praise for John Clarke
andThe Even More Complete Book Of Australian Verse

‘A proverbial hoot. Clarke has a completely irreverent sense of humour.’

‘Cruel parody of the first order.’

‘John Clarke is a very funny man. And a very clever one…These poems work on two levels. First, as parodies of the poets and poems themselves, with Clarke often able to capture almost exactly the cadence of the originals. Second, the subject matter, sometimes political, sometimes not, is funny in itself, even if you aren’t familiar with the originals.’

‘Round our way, John Clarke rates as a national institution.’

‘One of the most interesting minds at work in this culture.’

‘OK. We need a treaty with New Zealand. We have to stop pinching their stuff. Phar Lap, the pavlova, Crowded House, Russell Crowe. They’re Kiwis. But they can’t have John Clarke back. He’s an Aussie now. His Even More Complete Book of Australian Verse makes it official. This reissued collection contains brilliant parodies of famous poets and humour so dry the book is in danger of catching alight. Come the republic, I’m voting John Clarke for president of Australia. And maybe of NZ as well.’

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