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The Heat

The Heat

Wyatt Series

Garry Disher

  • awardShortlisted, Ned Kelly Award for Best Fiction, 2016
  • awardLonglisted, General Fiction Book of the Year, Australian Book Industry Awards, 2016
  • awardLonglisted, International DUBLIN Literary Award, Ireland, 2017
  • awardLonglisted, CWA Daggers, Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award, 2017
  • Wyatt needs a job.

    A bank job would be nice. Or a security van. But these days armed robbery means working with cocky young idiots or strung-out meth-heads—and Wyatt’s not that desperate.

    Luckily, a broker in Queensland knows someone who wants a painting stolen. Which is how Wyatt finds himself in Noosa, casing a rich paedophile’s house for entry points and escape routes.

    That’s fine. It’s what Wyatt does.

    The double-cross that’s supposed to end with him getting killed? Less fine.

    The heat is on.

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    Garry Disher
    About the Author

    Garry Disher has published sixty titles across multiple genres. With a growing international reputation for his best-selling crime novels, he has won four German and three Australian awards for best crime novel of the year, and been longlisted twice for a British CWA Dagger award. In 2018 he received the Ned Kelly Lifetime Achievement Award.

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    29 August 2016
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    Praise for Garry Disher
    andThe Heat

    ‘For the connoisseur of crime the Wyatt series represents Disher at his stylish best…wicked and wonderful. Welcome back, Wyatt.’

    ‘Disher’s terse, spare prose never falters.’

    ‘Peter Temple and Garry Disher will be identified as the crime writers who redefined Australian crime fiction in terms of its form, content and style.’

    ‘Garry Disher is one of Australia’s most exceptional crime writers…One of the most delightful aspects of a Garry Disher novel is the fascinating array of characters he assembles…The spare and sparse language, particularly in the way Disher frames the landscape, makes lines leap from the page.’ 4 and a half starred review

    ‘Writing of the highest calibre, neatly crafted and strongly evocative.’

    ‘With The Heat, Disher continues to tap into that need that we have for anti-heroes…Couple that with a twisted, tense and taut thriller and once again, Garry Disher has turned out a winner.’

    ‘Disher’s spare, lean writing…perfectly captures his characters’ idiosyncrasies and propels the narrative towards its many satisfying twists and turns.’

    ‘Sparely written, with an entertaining set of villains, an unfathomable antihero and dry humour, reading this book is like riding a thrilling switchback.’

    ‘Garry Disher deserves his reputation as one of Australia’s finest crime writers.’

    ‘Disher’s Wyatt, perfectly crafted in gripping, calculated prose, is someone you’ll happily follow into heists, thefts, and stopping their own murder.’

    ‘Every word counts in Disher’s books, but you’re never left with a sense that the writing is too sparse. The sentences are vividly alive. I read the book in a day, which shows what a page-turner it is.’

    ‘The fast-moving spellbinding plot keeps the reader turning the pages and makes it hard to put the book down and return to real life.’

    ‘This latest instalment of Australia’s favourite crook is fast-paced and action-packed…Readers unfamiliar with Disher’s work are bound to want to seek out his backlist; fans of his Wyatt series will not be disappointed…A brilliant read!’

    ‘A top-notch crime novel that grabs the reader’s attention from the first page and does not let go until the wry conclusion. The writing is as streamlined and as taut as ever, and there is hardly a wasted word…An excellent example of Aussie noir.’

    The Heat is beautifully crafted. Like its hero, it’s lean, spare and trenchant…Disher provides a searing commentary on the way we choose to live now.’

    ‘[Disher’s] prose in The Heat is as taut and concise as his title…Precise plotting keeps the action moving along at a pace.’

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      ISBN: 9781922253200
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