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Peninsula Crimes, Book Three

Garry Disher

The neat suburban homes of the Peninsula seem like an improbable setting for sex parties, blackmail and murder. Winter is closing in on the coastal community of Waterloo, and behind closed doors its residents have some peculiar ways of keeping warm.

When Detective Inspector Hal Challis is called to investigate the brutal murder of Janine McQuarrie—shot in a deserted country lane while her seven-year-old daughter looks on—his progress is hampered by a web of lies and secrets. It doesn’t help that Janine’s father-in-law is Challis’s superior—bureaucrat, golfer and toady Superintendent McQuarrie—the Waterloo coppers battle personal and political agendas from all sides.

Everybody has something to hide, something to lose. And someone in Waterloo is determined to kill again.

Garry Disher
About the Author

Garry Disher has published fifty titles—fiction, children’s books, anthologies, textbooks, the Wyatt thrillers and the Peninsula Crimes series.

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Text publication date:
28 August 2006
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Praise for Garry Disher

‘Garry Disher’s third Inspector Challis mystery starts with sleaze and swiftly moves to murder…Disher lays it all out with his usual masterful feel for pacing…as the case unfolds and the characters move deeper into their personal dramas, the feeling of expectation and suspense builds almost imperceptibly to a heightened pitch and a satisfying payoff.’

‘For crime fiction, Garry Disher’s latest Hal Challis book is easily the best for the year. Disher’s pacing is perfect and there is a rising sense of menace that simmers beneath the surface of his deceptively calm voice.’

‘Disher is delivering the best crime fiction around.’

‘Crime fiction at its riveting best.’

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