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Day’s End

Hirsch’s rural beat is wide. Daybreak to day’s end, dirt roads and dust. Every problem that besets small towns and isolated properties, from unlicensed driving to arson. In the time of the virus, Hirsch is seeing stresses heightened and social divisions cracking wide open. His own tolerance under strain; people getting close to the edge.

Today he’s driving an international visitor around: Janne Van Sant, whose backpacker son went missing while the borders were closed. They’re checking out his last photo site, his last employer. A feeling that the stories don’t quite add up.

Then a call comes in: a roadside fire. Nothing much—a suitcase soaked in diesel and set alight. But two noteworthy facts emerge. Janne knows more than Hirsch about forensic evidence. And the body in the suitcase is not her son’s.

Garry Disher
About the Author

Garry Disher has published over fifty titles across multiple genres. With a growing international reputation for his best-selling crime novels, he has won four German and three Australian awards for best crime novel of the year, and been longlisted twice for a British CWA Dagger award. In 2018 he received the Ned Kelly Lifetime Achievement...

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1 November 2022
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Praise for Garry Disher
andDay’s End

‘A new crime novel from the prolific old master is always a treat, and this one is no different. The past intrudes into the present as Charlie Deravin, banished from his job in the police sex-crimes unit, still puzzles over his mother’s disappearance 20 years earlier that had his father fingered as a possible murderer. You will be intrigued, very intrigued.’

‘Once again, Disher nails place, the atmosphere of a changing area and the tension and frustration of continuing a private investigation without resources. This book confirms just what a rare writer Disher is.’

‘Disher is, as always, a deft and compelling crime novelist, and he has crafted a provocative whodunnit that is grounded firmly in the current moment.’

‘Lyrical and haunting…Read the The Way It Is Now for its big heart and the way in which it lyrically captures a moment in time.’

‘The best of Australian crime was definitely Garry Disher’s The Way It Is Now (Text), cleverly combining a tragic cold case with social commentary.’

‘Examining the insular culture of the police force has been another staple of Disher’s fiction, and it is deployed here to great effect…Each summer I see people lying by public swimming pools, or in the sand on beaches, sometimes along the Mornington Peninsula, reading crime fiction. Readers often tell me they enjoy the genre as “light relief”, a puzzling response considering the endlessly macabre ways that crime fiction writers concoct new ways to torture, murder, and dismember characters. A Garry Disher novel is never an exercise in light reading. He respects the genre and his readers. His novels can also disturb a reader, for his characters are quite ordinary people, in the best sense. They are men and women like you and me – characters capable of good and bad, courage and murder.’

‘The prolific master of Australian rural noir returns to his home turf…a subtle, slow-burning standalone mystery.’

‘Disher’s output is soaked in quality: crisp prose, fascinating characters, rich settings. Maybe his quiet, unflashy nature and consistent excellence mean he gets a little overlooked in some quarters, but those cognisant of the global boom of Australian crime writing know he is a giant on whose shoulders many of the hottest new stars are standing.’

‘Intriguing…a whydunnit more than a whodunnit; the motivation for the main crime is at the heart of the matter.’

‘This is storytelling at its best…Another sophisticated and compelling offer from an author at the peak of his powers.’

‘Disher is one the foremost proponents of rural noir.’

Consolation is a very impressive piece of crime fiction. It holds attention, impresses with its depth and raises important issues, while being very entertaining. It once more confirms Disher’s place as the master of outback noir.’

‘Well written and very entertaining, Consolation cements Disher’s place as the master of outback noir.’

‘Garry Disher may not have quite the same level of name recognition as fellow bestselling Australian rural noir writers such as Jane Harper and Chris Hammer, but he has long been one of the genre’s best.’

‘Sheer class.’

‘This is a book that cannot be praised enough… Read it.’

‘The outback noir master returns to Tiverton and it’s only cop Paul ‘Hirsch’ Hirschhausen.’

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    ISBN: 9781922791078
    1 November 2022
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