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Consolation: Winner of the 2021 Best Crime Fiction Ned Kelly Award

Garry Disher

  • awardWinner, Best Crime Fiction, Ned Kelly Awards, Australian Crime Writers Association, 2021
  • awardShortlisted, Colin Roderick Award, 2021
  • In Consolation, Tiverton’s only police officer Constable Paul Hirschhausen is dealing with a snowdropper. Someone is stealing women’s underwear, and Hirsch knows how that kind of crime can escalate. Then two calls come in: a teacher who thinks a child may be in danger at home. A father on the rampage over at the primary school.

    Hirsch knows how things like that can escalate, too. Families under pressure. Financial problems. But it’s always a surprise when the killing starts.


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    Garry Disher
    About the Author

    Garry Disher has published over fifty titles across multiple genres. With a growing international reputation for his best-selling crime novels, he has won four German and three Australian awards for best crime novel of the year, and been longlisted twice for a British CWA Dagger award. In 2018 he received the Ned Kelly Lifetime Achievement...

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    3 August 2021
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    Praise for Garry Disher

    ‘A novel of sweat-inducing authenticity.’

    ‘Rural noir at its best.’

    ‘One cracker of a book.’

    Consolation is a very impressive piece of crime fiction. It holds attention, impresses with its depth and raises important issues, while being very entertaining. It once more confirms Disher’s place as the master of outback noir.’

    ‘Well written and very entertaining, Consolation cements Disher’s place as the master of outback noir.’

    ‘Garry Disher may not have quite the same level of name recognition as fellow bestselling Australian rural noir writers such as Jane Harper and Chris Hammer, but he has long been one of the genre’s best.’

    ‘There are few better explorers of Australia’s rural heart in any genre than Garry Disher.’

    ‘Garry Disher’s novels are an essential and influential part of Australian crime fiction.’

    ’Sheer class.’

    ‘This is a book that cannot be praised enough… Read it.’

    ‘The outback noir master returns to Tiverton and it’s only cop Paul ‘Hirsch’ Hirschhausen.’

    ‘The people of his district are finely individualised by Disher. The measured prose of the Hirsch novels reflects their protagonist’s character.’

    ‘Highly recommended…Disher is a master at creating a setting: the dry, cold loneliness of outback of South Australia comes alive in his descriptions as Hirsch makes his routine visits to outlying farms and properties, checking that all is well with these isolated people.’

    ‘If you know someone who likes Australian stories, superior crime fiction, and a decent, sharp eye on humanity, the new Garry Disher book, Consolation, would be a terrific present for them.’

    Consolation is rural noir at its best: a lone detective persisting in protecting his community; criminal, evil individuals who prey on the isolated; all set against the backdrop of the dangers of the Australian bush.’

    ‘An amazing, engaging, pacy read. I would throughly recommend Garry Disher’s Consolation.’

    ‘In this sequel to last year’s best-selling Peace, Constable Paul Hirschhausen now faces a winter of discontent in small-town South Australia. Mud has replaced dust on the roads Hirsch patrols in his pursuit of a snowdropper, the suspected neglect of a student, and a parent going rogue. Disher again proves a better guide than GPS to the bush.’

    ‘Disher is one of this country’s finest writers, as Consolation attests.’

    ‘“Outback noir” became a hot commodity thanks to the global success of Jane Harper, Chris Hammer and the Mystery Road films and television drama. But long before any of them came Garry Disher’s brilliant story telling. Disher, the winner of the 2018 Ned Kelly Lifetime Achievement Award for three decades of excellence, keeps the bar extremely high with Consolation.’

    ‘Garry Disher, for three decades, one of Australia’s finest writers of rural crime.’

    ‘Disher is one the foremost proponents of rural noir’

    ‘This terrific police procedural, a perfect example of outback noir, reveals the toll a man’s professional life can take on his inner self. Garry Disher’s writing exudes authority; his blend of comedy and tragedy is a joy to read.’

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    • Consolation
      ISBN: 9781925923698
      3 November 2020
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    • Consolation
      ISBN: 9781922330260
      3 November 2020