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On the Java Ridge

Amid the furious ocean there was no human sound on deck: some people standing, watching the wave, but no one capable of words.
On the Java Ridge, skipper Isi Natoli and a group of Australian surf tourists are anchored beside an idyllic reef off the Indonesian island of Dana.
In the Canberra office of Cassius Calvert, Minister for Border Integrity, a Federal election looms and (not coincidentally) a hardline new policy is being announced regarding maritime assistance to asylum-seeker vessels in distress.
A few kilometres away from Dana, the Takalar is having engine trouble. Among the passengers fleeing from persecution are Roya and her mother, and Roya’s unborn sister.
The storm now closing in on the Takalar and the Java Ridge will mean catastrophe for them all.
With On the Java Ridge Jock Serong, bestselling author of The Rules of Backyard Cricket, brings us a literary novel with the pace and tension of a political thriller—and some of the most compelling, heartstopping writing about the sea since Patrick O’Brian.

Jock Serong
About the Author

Jock Serong lives and works on the far southwest coast of Victoria. Formerly a lawyer, he is now a features writer, and was the editor of Great Ocean Quarterly. His first novel, Quota, won the 2015 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Crime Novel. His most recent novel is The Rules of Backyard Cricket.

Jock is married with four children and lives in...

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31 July 2017
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Praise for Jock Serong
andOn the Java Ridge

‘Beautifully written and acutely observed, The Rules of Backyard Cricket is a noir tour de force.’

‘Serong’s writing displays wit, insight and occasionally, splendour.’

‘Blow me down if I didn’t hang on every word.’

‘A compelling literary novel dissecting toxic sporting culture and its fallout.’

‘Jock Serong creates a sense of foreboding from the very start of his third novel, and then constantly ratchets up the tension with a keen sense of pacing.’

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  • On the Java Ridge
    ISBN: 9781925410662
    31 July 2017
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