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Eat Me

Eat Me: Text Classics

Text Classics

Linda Jaivin

Introduction by Krissy Kneen

First published in 1995, Eat Me became an instant international bestseller—and caused a scandal in the US.

Julia is a photographer, Chantal edits a fashion magazine, Helen is a feminist academic and Philippa is a writer. These four friends haunt the cafés of inner-city Sydney, eyeing the passing talent and swapping outlandish tales. Sexy, intelligent, predatory, they are women of their time—but can we believe their wild and wicked descriptions of their erotic exploits?

Linda Jaivin’s sizzling debut plays havoc with our ideas of truth, sex and power.With a new introduction by Krissy Kneen, author of Affection and Triptych.

Linda Jaivin
About the Author

Linda Jaivin worked and studied in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China before settling in Sydney as a writer and translator. Her four novels include the international best-seller Eat Me, Rock n Roll Babes from Outer Space, Miles Walker, You’re Dead and Dead Sexy. She is co-editor of New Ghosts, Old Dreams: Chinese Rebel Voices, and the author...

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21 November 2012
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Praise for Linda Jaivin
andEat Me

‘It is a delicious, bravura piece of comic and erotic writing, with an opening that will change your view of late-night supermarket shopping forever.’

‘A high-spirited comedy of manners only thinly veiled as erotica…Jaivin never loses sight of her self-declared goal, which is to wrench the writing of erotica from its male practitioners, dress it up with style and sly humour and restore it to women.’

‘funny and seductive’

‘a modern, racy flight of fun that becomes irresistible…the true strength of this book, though, is Jaivin’s merciless wit and her ear for dialogue…She’s bitchy, wicked and intelligent. She has firm control over her material and a talent for slicing through the pretension with the precision of a sushi knife.’

‘This is erotic escapism at its best, with a touch of humour and a touch of class; a blend of fetishism, fun and kiwifruit!’

‘this tossed salad of erotic scenarios charms as few examples of its genre have.’

‘very funny stuff.’

‘you’ll enjoy this tasty romp—you’d better, you slave—and will thank Jaivin for the exquisite pleasure.’

“It’s erotic. It’s feminist. It’s like, way post-modern. Eat Me, it beckons.’

‘some of the scenes described actually turned me on…’

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