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Confessions of an S & M Virgin

Confessions of an S & M Virgin

Linda Jaivin

Linda Jaivin gets a spanking as she interviews the manager of an S&M club. She steps into a kickboxing ring, and wears a penis for a week to find out how it feels to be a man.

‘When I’m writing non-fiction,’ she says, ‘I tend to get into character.’

In this hilarious and outrageous book, Jaivin describes the effects of PMT and tells the terrifying story of her friend the axe murderer. She reveals why she loves younger men and why sex makes her laugh. She takes us backstage at a Beijing rock concert, explores the secretive world of Chinese gays and lesbians, and gives an astonishing account of what happened the night the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square.

In Confessions of an S & M Virgin Jaivin will tie you to your chair and make you laugh and cry and laugh again.

Linda Jaivin
About the Author

Linda Jaivin worked and studied in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China before settling in Sydney as a writer and translator. Her four novels include the international best-seller Eat Me, Rock n Roll Babes from Outer Space, Miles Walker, You’re Dead and Dead Sexy. She is co-editor of New Ghosts, Old Dreams: Chinese Rebel Voices, and the author...

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1 October 1997
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    ISBN: 9781921799945
    21 June 2012
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