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Dear Mr M

Dear Mr M

Herman Koch

  • awardLonglisted, International Dublin Literary Award, Ireland, 2018
  • Translated by Sam Garrett

    Mr M is being watched. As a famous writer, he is no stranger to the limelight, although interest in his work has been dwindling of late. His print runs are smaller than they used to be, and so are the crowds at his bookshop signings. But there is someone still interested in Mr M and keeping an extremely close eye on him—someone whose own story bears more than a passing resemblance to the plot of Mr M’s bestselling thriller, in which a teacher has an affair with a student, only to be brutally murdered by the girl and her teenage boyfriend. In Mr M’s book, the body is never found—but in real life, bodies have an awkward habit of turning up.


    Number 3 Chiller



    Herman Koch
    About the Author

    Herman Koch is an actor, screenwriter and columnist in the Netherlands and the author of a number of satirical novels, including The Dinner, Summer House with Swimming Pool and Dear Mr M. Now a major film, The Dinner was the first of his books to be published in English and spent a year on the New York Times bestseller list. It has sold more...

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    29 August 2016
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    Praise for Herman Koch
    andDear Mr M

    ‘Herman Koch is rapidly becoming one of my favorite writers. His three novels, taken together, are like a killer EP where every track kicks ass.’

    ‘Koch’s latest novel once again demonstrates his talent, skills and sheer guts.’

    ‘Koch confirms his gift for telling a story.’

    ‘With his well-known humour and momentum, Koch takes his readers where the action is.’

    ‘The writing is crystal clear and unpretentious, typically Koch!’

    ‘Sophisticated and exciting.’

    ‘Dear Mr M. has everything, excitement, humour, aggravation, emotions, its style and structure are nothing short of perfect.’

    ‘Like all of Koch’s novels, Dear Mr M works ultimately through the deliberate withholding of information: it is a book, like all his books, with a final and magnificent twist.’

    ‘A riveting but disturbing literary thriller…Delicately told, in spare, haunting prose, there are echoes of Stephen King’s Misery, but this is even more subtle, with a denouement to send shivers down the spine.’

    ‘Koch cleverly lays out the pieces of his puzzle, letting first one pattern and then another emerge, and leaving the final piece in reserve until the last few pages. His sardonic sense of humour and dark perspective on human failings give the novel a greater, more satisfying depth than the usual thriller.’

    ‘A whip-smart murder mystery.’

    ‘Flawlessly translated from the original Dutch by Sam Garrett, this novel is Koch’s best yet. A brilliant read!’

    ‘Ultimately this is a story about culpability, one with a shocking and unpredictable resolution. A rich, deliberate and engaging thriller worth more than one read.’

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    • Dear Mr M
      ISBN: 9781922253965
      29 August 2016
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