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Unmarry Me

Ruby tells Mark she wants a divorce. It’ll be a fake separation, a protest against marriage inequality. As soon as her sister Peta can marry her girlfriend, BJ, they’ll get married again.

‘Will we still be able to see each other?’ asks Mark.

‘Only in secret,’ Ruby says.

And so, in a mixture of chaos, impatience and bright ideas, the Unmarry Me campaign is born—t-shirts, badges, TV appearances. A flashmob, a dead rat and public humiliation.

As Ruby discovers, speed-dating your own husband is weird. Being busted by the police in the boot of Mark’s car is no fun at all. And when are they going to have a baby?

Unmarry Me is another sparkling romantic comedy by Nicki Reed, author of the critically acclaimed Unzipped. If falling in love is easy, getting unmarried is quite a challenge.

Nicki Reed
About the Author

Nicki Reed lives in Melbourne with her husband and three sons. She began writing seriously at the tender age of thirty-seven, and now has two published works: Unzipped (2012) and Unmarry Me (2015). Nicki says writing Unzipped and Unmarry Me is the best fun she’s ever had.

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18 November 2015
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Praise for Nicki Reed
andUnmarry Me

‘A fast and dizzy rom-com.’

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  • Unmarry Me
    ISBN: 9781925095869
    18 November 2015
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