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Peta Wheeler measures time differently now. Before the couch. After the couch.

Before the couch, Peta knew who she was. A 34-year-old information-dissemination professional, married to the man of her dreams and thinking about motherhood. She’d never been late for work, drunk beer or kissed a stranger.

After the couch, Peta hits a cyclist, tries to get pregnant, tries to make sure she isn’t pregnant, avoids her husband and family and friends and colleagues, drinks too much coffee, and falls in love with a girl.

And that’s just the first week.

Nicki Reed
About the Author

Nicki Reed lives in Melbourne with her husband and three sons. She began writing seriously at the tender age of thirty-seven, and now has two published works: Unzipped (2012) and Unmarry Me (2015). Nicki says writing Unzipped and Unmarry Me is the best fun she’s ever had.

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2 July 2012
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Praise for Nicki Reed

‘Reed is a very good writer. Intelligent, sure of herself and emotive without going overboard. There are some truly lovely descriptive passages and a lot of snappy, reads-like-real-life dialogue. I hope straight women don’t feel embarrassed about buying this book. It’s not lesbian erotica, it’s just a love story, minus a man.’

‘The writing is reminiscent of a Bridget Jones style, albeit without the diary entries. The quirky humour is there as are the lists of dos and don’ts and the moments of hilarious humility. This is a light fun easy read with genuine erotic passages that should delight most women readers.’

‘Hilarious, intelligent, snappy and sassy: Unzipped is a knockout.’

Unzipped is like every girl-meets-boy story, but better. Oh, and it’s girl-meets-girl.’

‘This is chick lit—perhaps that should be les lit—with a bit of class.’

‘This entertaining sexual romp comedy is enhanced by the personalities of BJ, who knows herself almost too well for one so young and Peta’s mouthy sister Ruby, who will steal the show when the movie version gets made.’

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