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The Angel's Game

The Angel’s Game

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

  • awardLonglisted, International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, 2011
  • Translated by Lucia Graves

    Prequel to the best-selling The Shadow of the Wind, The Angel’s Game is a tale of lost souls and haunting shadows set amid the winding alleyways of Barcelona during the turbulent 1920s.

    In an abandoned mansion in Barcelona a young man named David Martin makes a living by writing steamy melodramas under a pseudonym. When his own novel receives scathing reviews, it seems his publishers are plotting against him and David is destined to literary obscurity.

    In a locked room deep within the house he finds letters and photographs hinting at the death of the previous owner. Like a slow poison the history of the place seeps into his bones as David struggles with an impossible love.

    Then he receives an extraordinary proposal from the French editor Andreas Corelli—a proposal that could make David rich and famous. And a bookseller called Sempere introduces him to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books…

    Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Angel’s Game is a masterful tale and spellbinding love story about the magic of books and the darkest corners of the heart.

    Carlos Ruiz Zafon
    About the Author

    Carlos Ruiz Zafón was born in Barcelona. He is one of the world’s most read and best-loved writers. His work has been translated into more than forty languages, garnering numerous international prizes and reaching millions of readers. Marina was first published in Spanish in 1999, this is the first time it has been published in English.

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    Text publication date:
    27 September 2010
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    Praise for Carlos Ruiz Zafón
    andThe Angel’s Game

    ‘The prose is intelligent but unpretentious, and the author is clear in his intentions to provide a rollicking, fun read…the novel’s themes address the power of narrative, and many sharp lines pertain to storytelling…hugely enjoyable.’

    ‘The tale is rich, evocative and literate…Zafon is a great describer, with a cinematic flair for murders and sexual encounters.’

    ‘It’s got the lot: good setting (Barcelona noir), old fashioned chunky plot, a dash of horror and the merest shaving of raciness…The mysteries within mysteries will be enough to keep you turning pages even after a couple of cervezas.’

    ‘A thrilling labyrinthine plot packed with murder, mystery and an obsessive love affair.’

    ‘Fans of The Shadow of the Wind and new readers alike will be delighted with this gothic semiprequel. Zafón’s novel is detailed and vivid, and David’s narration is charming and funny, but suspect. Villain or victim, he is the hero of and the guide to this dark labyrinth that, by masterful design, remains thrilling and bewildering.’

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