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Murder with the Lot

Murder with the Lot: A Rusty Bore Mystery

The Rusty Bore Mysteries, Book One

Sue Williams

  • awardShortlisted, Ned Kelly Awards, Best First Fiction, 2013
  • A smart, sassy self-appointed private investigator, Cass Tuplin is unforgettable and the town of Rusty Bore will never be the same…

    Cass Tuplin’s takeaway isn’t the last shop left in Rusty Bore. There’s also Vern’s General Store. But it’s true the town’s not exactly overflowing with residents, and a stranger in Cass’s shop is quite an event. Especially one like Clarence: suspicious, bleeding, looking for a burger with the lot and somewhere quiet to stay. Cass knows just the place. Then she finds out more about Clarence and wants him out of town, but it turns out that’s not as easy as it sounds.

    And then she finds the body.

    It sounds like a job for the local police. Except that the local police is Cass’s son Dean, who has his doubts about Cass. And there’s no way he’s expending police resources on his mother’s fantasy crimes, not anymore.So it looks like Cass is going to have to find the killer on her own.

    Sue Williams is a refreshing and irreverent new voice in crime fiction—Australia’s answer to Janet Evanovich and Sue Grafton.

    Read more about Sue in the Weekly Review.

    Sue Williams
    About the Author

    Sue Williams is a science and travel writer and a chartered accountant who also holds a PhD in marine biology. She was raised in country Victoria and currently lives in Melbourne with her husband.

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    27 February 2013
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    Praise for Sue Williams
    andMurder with the Lot

    ‘A well-sauced outback caper, with Chiko Rolls - and murder.’

    ‘Thank goodness for Sue Williams’ debut thriller-murder mystery. Williams is an Australian with a wonderful tongue-in-cheek style, a mix of subtle and laugh-out-loud humour, individual characters, and a crazy plot that keeps you turning the pages…This story is told…in a wonderful freewheeling style that continually undercuts itself, throws ironies around by the mile, and in general offers us a character we love from page one, even when she’s driving her family and several other people crazy.‘

    ‘There is a murder; there may be mafia involved. Or so thinks Cass, your classic nosy small Aussie town Miss Marple—although her manner and turn of phrase are somewhat less refined. A racy romp.’

    ‘Enjoyable, easy to read with a few well-timed twists and turns and a touch of very Australian humour.’

    ‘[Cass] is a very funny character.’

    ‘A debut novel as dinky-di as an outback salute.’

    ‘An easy-flowing story with plenty of humour and amusing observations by Cass…In all, an entertaining and enjoyable read that also effectively captures the plight of rural Australia.’

    ‘Let’s hope that Murder with the Lot is the first of many capers for Cass.’

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    • Murder with the Lot
      ISBN: 9781921961984
      27 February 2013
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