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Dead Men Don't Order Flake

Dead Men Don’t Order Flake: A Rusty Bore Mystery

The Rusty Bore Mysteries, Book Two

Sue Williams

On the night Leo Stone returns—notionally from the dead, in reality from the Democratic Republic of the Congo—Cass Tuplin gets a call from Gary Kellett. A call about an actual dead person: Gary’s daughter, killed in a car crash. Gary’s adamant it wasn’t an accident.

Cass agrees to investigate. After all, not just Rusty Bore’s only purveyor of fine fast food, Cass is also the closest thing to a private detective within a couple of hundred k’s. The local police (Cass’s son Dean) try to warn her off. It’s true Cass’s status as a celebrated yet non-licensed nobody doesn’t entirely suit Dean. But Dean also believes Gary’s a delusional, grieving father. Is that the case? Or did a young journalist die after asking too many questions?

Cass intends to find out. As soon as she’s dealt with some queries raised by the reappearance of Leo Stone.

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Sue Williams
About the Author

Sue Williams is a science and travel writer and a chartered accountant who also holds a PhD in marine biology. She was raised in country Victoria and currently lives in Melbourne with her husband.

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30 May 2016
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Praise for Sue Williams
andDead Men Don’t Order Flake

‘A well-sauced outback caper, with Chiko Rolls—and murder.’

‘A wonderful tongue-in-cheek style, a mix of subtle and laugh-out-loud humour, individual characters, and a crazy plot that keeps you turning the pages.’

‘There is a murder; there may be mafia involved. Or so thinks Cass, your classic nosy small Aussie town Miss Marple—although her manner and turn of phrase are somewhat less refined. A racy romp.’

‘There’s a wry, satirical element to much of Williams’ humour…In the grand tradition of cosies, [Cass is] a woman underestimated at your peril…Fun and often charming crime fiction, thanks to its winning super-sleuth heroine.’

‘Williams captures small town Victoria with ease and her plot has enough twists and red herrings to keep it interesting. Fans of Murder With The Lot will not be disappointed, and no doubt will be hoping for more of Cass Tuplin. An excellent sequel!’

‘Once again, Williams has created a small-town mystery with big repercussions…[Her] style is consistent across both Cass Tuplin mysteries, full of Cass’ humorous and irreverent take on life and its dramas, with Cass’ great one liners, smart observations and witty internal monologues adding to the entertainment factor of Dead Men Don’t Order Flake.’

‘An enormously enjoyable and pacy novel set in a speck of a country town in rural Victoria, with a plucky amateur sleuth amid a quirky ensemble of townsfolk and family. Quintessentially Australian without being overcooked.’

‘[A] finely wrought and highly amusing crime novel…Williams has created a wonderful new series in the comedy crime genre. Dead Men Don’t Order Flake is a multilayered yarn that mines the rich ore of regional Australia and I can’t wait for the next Cass Tuplin adventure.‘

‘Williams has put together a recipe for madcap adventure the main ingredient an engaging female lead whose nosiness solves the mysteries of her tiny hometown.’

‘This book is pure entertainment the author captures the quirky ways of small town Australia perfectly, well, apart from murder that is, we don’t get too many of them in these parts.’

‘Smoothly written with plenty of humour, and some wry observations by Cass, this is an enjoyable, off-beat crime novel with a good cast of characters and a nicely paced storyline.’

‘Sue Williams is Australia’s answer to New Jersey’s Janet Evanovich. Both mix murder with mirth, and both feature semi-competent female investigators who bounce in and out of trouble…Great light entertainment.’

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