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Death at the Belvedere

It’s a mostly normal Friday evening in the Rusty Bore Takeaway. Cass Tuplin’s cleaning down the grill when her glamorous sister Helen walks in, all bones in an Italian-weave suit and the kind of state that calls for the full comfort: double bacon cheeseburger with extra chips.

It’s man trouble as usual. But this time it turns out the trouble is less emotional and more fatal. Helen’s boyfriend has been pushed off the rooftop terrace of his Fitzroy apartment, and Helen’s trying not to become a person of interest. She’s also trying to retrieve something rare and valuable from Ben’s place—which is where Cass comes in.

Cass doesn’t do investigations anymore, of course, being unlicensed. And she’s not particularly keen on breaking into a crime scene, even if it’s not strictly breaking when you’ve got a key.

On the other hand, Helen is her only sister. And she has been getting Cass into trouble for more than forty years. Why stop now? But this time Helen’s little problem will drop Cass into deeper trouble than ever before.


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Sue Williams
About the Author

Sue Williams is a science and travel writer and a chartered accountant who also holds a PhD in marine biology. She was raised in country Victoria and currently lives in Melbourne with her husband.

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31 May 2022
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Praise for Sue Williams
andDeath at the Belvedere

‘A wonderful new series in the comedy crime genre.’

‘Williams is an Australian with a wonderful tongue-in-cheek style, a mix of subtle and laugh-out-loud humour, individual characters, and a crazy plot that keeps you turning the pages.’

‘Sue Williams is Australia’s answer to New Jersey’s Janet Evanovich.’

’Snappier than a crisply battered chip, this wildly entertaining caper is a real blast.’

‘This novel really epitomises what is so popular about the cosy mystery genre; equal parts intriguing and gripping, with a solid dose of humour added to the mix.’

‘Gripping, always humorous story that unfolds as Cassie, surrounded by a cast…of pretty well meaning but not always particularly helpful people…unravels the mystery.’

‘Lots of laughs but at no one’s expense.’

‘A criminally amusing romp that fans of Janet Evanovich should lap up.’

‘Wry [and] charming.’

‘An enjoyable and often amusing novel with a good mystery plot.’

‘This is an enjoyably light and frequently funny read…Underpinning Cass’s antics is a solid mystery plot, which builds to a well constructed and surprising resolution.’

‘Delivers plenty of laughs with quirky characters, outrageous behaviour and family scrapes.’

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