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Lenin's Kisses

Translated by Carlos Rojas

‘One of China’s greatest living authors and fiercest satirists.’ Guardian

Lenin’s Kisses
is a brilliant novel about modern China. Blind, deaf, and disfigured, the 197 citizens of the Village of Liven enjoy a peaceful lifestyle, spared from the government’s watchful eye. But when an unseasonal snowstorm wipes out the grain crops, a county official convinces the villagers to set up a travelling freak-show showcasing their disabilities. With the money, he intends to buy Lenin’s embalmed corpse from Russia and install it in a mausoleum in the mountains to attract tourism to the sleepy district.

Lenin’s Kisses is a rollicking tragicomedy with a cast of moving characters—a cautionary tale of the all-consuming desire for power and wealth from one of China’s most respected and celebrated writers.

Read the Guardian interview with Yan Lianke on censorship: “Chinese intellectuals haven’t taken enough responsibility. They always have an excuse, saying they don’t have a reason to talk or don’t have the environment … If they could all stand up, they would have a loud voice.”

Yan Lianke
About the Author

Yan Lianke was born in 1958 in Henan Province, China. Text has published his novels Serve the People!, Lenin’s Kisses, Dream of Ding Village, The Four Books, The Explosion Chronicles and The Years, Months, Days. Yan Lianke won the Hua Zhong World Chinese Literature Prize in 2013. He has also won two of China’s most prestigious literary awards:...

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Text publication date:
24 October 2012
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    24 October 2012
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