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Ramona Koval at the Christmas Hills Readers and Writers Festival (VIC)
Ramona Koval

Join Ramona Koval at the Christmas Hills Readers and Writers Festival with Bruce Pascoe, Alexis Wright, Tony Birch, Andy Jackson and Sandy Jeffs.

It is an opportunity for the community to broaden their knowledge and explore diverse issues, as authors share stories about being Indigenous, or of a European background, having a physical difference or living with a mental illness...things that set them apart from society. By claiming a voice well beyond societal expectations, or searching for roots in the past to explain the present, the writers will explore these issues in an engaging and creative way.

Participants will hear extraordinary stories and brave voices, dealing with loss and discovery of identity whilst searching backgrounds, plus tackle issues and ideas through conversation and connection across cultural divides.

Ramona Koval is a Melbourne writer, journalist, broadcaster and editor. From 2006 to 2011 she presented Radio National’s Book Show, and she has written for the Age and the Australian. She is the author of By the Book: A Reader’s Guide to Lifeand Bloodhound: Searching For My Father.

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