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Berenger hovers on the edge of the hard mattress but makes no dent in it. I was, like, cursed, she says.

‘Oh, come on,’ I scoff. I saw how much you suffered. Trunks of couture gowns and Concorde everywhere and Spanish playboys following you in packs.

‘You don’t understand. She raises her arm and scrutinises it, as if seeing it for the first time. It looks like a jagged arrangement of chicken bones wrapped in translucent egg noodle. And then she turns those white china eyes on me. If I wasn’t cursed, then what is this?

A dazzlingly plotted psychological thriller and heartbreaking love story, Lee Tulloch’s best-selling Wraith mixes horror and comedy in a world of high fashion and low motive.

Lee  Tulloch
About the Author

Lee Tulloch is the bestselling author of, Fabulous Nobodies (short-listed for the 1990 Commonwealth Writer’s Prize), Wraith, and Two Shanes. A long-time resident of Manhattan, she returned to her native Australia in 2001 and now lives on a Sydney beach with her husband and daughter.

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1 October 1999
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Praise for Lee Tulloch


‘As blockbuster entertainment, it fits the bill perfectly.’

‘An intelligent, intriguing work. Its satire is acute and observant, yet it has feeling and warmth.’